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Release Version: 5.3.7

Updates made as on 16th. March, 2018

List of enhancements this week: 

What's New

Excel Importer for Employee Contracts Introduced

greytHR now provides the Excel importer option for bulk upload of employee contract details. Click here to know more

Custom Reports Include Report Creator's Name

Now, you can easily find the report creator's name of the query builder report. This is useful if you want to make changes to the query builder report or when you want to contact the report owner for more clarity on the report. Click here to know more

Option to Standardize the Naming Format of Downloaded Payslips

You can now standardize the names of the regular and settlement payslips that are downloaded. Choose a prefix, suffix and select from a combination of Employee Name-Employee Number to standardize the format of the downloaded payslip names. Click here to know more

Exemption Item Introduced in the Payroll Repository Settings to Assist in the Generation of Teddy Payslip

Teddy payslip is a payslip present in the Payslip Gallery of greytHR which provides income and deduction values in a horizontal layout along with TDS information. Now, there is an option in Payroll Repository settings to select an exemption item for any tax or non-tax related component in greytHR. This helps in displaying the income tax deductions in the Teddy payslip. Click here to know more.


  • In the ESS portal, when an employee adds HRA with monthly rent as zero and then deletes it, the annual rent was saved as an invalid number, which was causing error during POI submission. This issue is resolved.
  • There was an issue in adding an employee using the Employee Directory option. This issue is fixed.
  • Option to know the EPS status of the new employee was missing in greytHR. This issue is addressed.

greytHR Support

We’re always there to support you, so feel free to reach out to our support team for immediate assistance:

Phone: +91-80-4022 5900

Timings: 9:30 am - 6:30 pm | Monday to Friday

 For greytHR Self-Help and Support:

You can also submit your query through our Contact page.


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