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Release Version: 5.3.6

Updates made as on 27 June, 2017

Following are the list of enhancements for this week:


  • A new tab named Shift Override has been added under Manual Override. This allows you to override the shift for a single day or multiple days for your employees.
  • Prior to this release, employees could not see the status if their attendance exception was made. Now, an Attendance Exception field is introduced which displays the exceptions made for an employee for a parti day. The details appear only after their attendance is processed .

Importer Enhancements

  • Admin can now upload Attendance Exception in bulk from the Excel Importer.

New Reports Available in greytHR

  1. Form 12- Register of adult workers - Haryana
  2. Form 12- Register of adult workers - Punjab
  3. Form 17- Register of adult workers - Maharashtra
  4. Form 12- Register of adult workers - Delhi
  5. Form 12- Register of adult workers - Kerala factory rules
  6. Form G - Register of Employment & Remuneration - Delhi Shops Act
  7. Form H - Register of Leave - UP Shop Act
  8. Form H - Register of Employment and Remuneration of Employees - Delhi
  9. Form W - Register of Employees - Delhi
  10. Form I - Register of Leave - Delhi


The Admin can now easily get the data of various employee categories such as attendance records, analytics and so on, with an Export to Excel button added to Employee Position and Employee Swipes.

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