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Release Version: 5.3.6

Updates made as on 30 May, 2017

Following are the list of enhancements for this week:

Attendance Enhancements

  • With this enhancement, new rules named In-Time Criteria and Out-Time Criteria have been added under Penalty Rules, which is under Settings > Attendance > Attendance Policy. The In-Time Criteria rule helps the Admin assess if an employee's first swipe for the day exceeds the pre-defined time (for example 1 hour) and then make deductions as decided (LOP or leave). The Out-Time Criteria is used to find out if an employee leaves the office premises before the pre-defined time (for example 1 hour). You can configure the rules either from the All Rules or Selected Rules section.
  • With this release, a new option named Regularization Rules has been added. This option allows the Admin to configure attendance regularization rules for the employees, based on the recorded swipes. The Regularization Rules option has four rules, namely:
    • Back-dated Regularization—This option is used to set the number of back dated days for which regularization can be applied. Employees would not be allowed to regularize back dated days that are greater than the defined days.
    • Limit for applications in a month— This option allows the Admin to set a limit on how many day(s) in a month for which an employee can apply for regularization. If an employee tries to regularize for more than the defined days, the system throws an error message.
    • Minimum work hours— This option allows the Admin to pre-define the minimum work hours for the day, required for an employee to apply for regularization.
    • Zero hours restriction— This option restricts the employees to apply for regularization if the total work hours for the day are greater than zero.
  • The system will now display a message for the automatically inserted IN/OUT swipes.
  • Now a Work Hours in Shift Time option appears which displays the work hours if an employee is working under the Shift Logic scheme.
  • Employees can now see the date and time on which their attendance was processed if the attendance was processed for that day. This appears under the date for which attendance is viewed. 
  • Admin can now select more than one Category Type under Leave > Admin > Attendance Lock Config.

Importer Enhancements

  • Prior to this release, admin had to update payslip remarks individually in every payslip. With this release, admin can now import Payslip Remarks from the Excel Importer.

Income Tax Enhancements

  • A new section named Total Income From House Property (it is a non-editable section) has been introduced in the IT Savings page. This section adds your total income and loss from a property and displays a consolidated value in the Total Exemption field. This field is locked and would not display values more than Rs. 2,00,000 (only for FY 2017-2018), which is the fixed eligible amount that can be declared. If your values are less than Rs. 2,00,000, the field displays a consolidated value.
  • Under Payroll > Payroll Inputs > Income Tax, a new tab called House Property Income has been introduced. Prior to this, the House Property Income tab was under the Others tab. In this tab, income/loss from sources such as self-occupied property and let-out property can be declared. Details of multiple properties that you have let-out can also be added.
  • The IT Statement now displays a break up of income or loss from house property in a more simplified way.

New Reports Available in greytHR

  • Form 21 - Half Yearly Return - Tamil Nadu
  • Form CC - Register of Attendance and Wage Register - UP
  • Form 22 - Half yearly return - Punjab Factories Rule
  • Form XIII - Register of wages - Goa
  • Form E - Register of Fines and Realization thereof - UP Shops Act
  • Form 14 - Register of leave with wages - Karnataka Factory Rules
  • Form 15 - Register of leave with wages - Delhi Factories Rules
  • Form 15 - Register of leave with wages - Haryana
  • Form 15 - Register of leave with wages - Punjab
  • Form 14 - Register of leave with wages - Uttar Pradesh
  • Form 15 - Leave Book - Karnataka Factory Rules
  • Form 15 - Register of leave with wages - Tamil Nadu Factories Rules
  • Form 20 - Register of leave with wages - Maharashtra


  • Admin can now by-pass certain restriction rules while availing leave on behalf of an employee.
  • Admin can now send passwords in bulk to all the new joiners at once. Click the Email Password To All button to send the password to all the employees at once. Click here to know more.



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