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Release Version: 5.3.6

Updates made as on 16 Mar, 2017

Following are the list of enhancements for this week:

Admin can store PRAN of Employees

Admin can now store the PRAN (Permanent Retirement Account Number) of employees, in the greytHR application. Permanent Retirement Account Number is a unique number issued by the Government of India, for those who subscribe for National Pension Scheme (NPS). To add the PRAN of an employee, Admin must perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Employee > Information > Employee Profile. The Employee Profile page appears.
  2. Search the employee for whom you want to add the PRAN.
  3. Under the Employee Identity section, click Add. A section appears asking you to select the Document Type.
  4. In the Document Type field, select Permanent Retirement Account Number from the drop-down list.
  5. Type the PRAN of the employee in the PRAN text box.
  6. Type the employee's name(as it appears on the PRAN) in the Name in PRAN text box.
  7. Click the Document Verified check box, if you have already verified the details. Once verified, the PRAN number then appears on the Identity Verification page.
  8. Click Save. The PRAN of the employee is saved and appears under the Employee Identity section along with other details.

New Reports Available in greytHR

The following reports are now available in greytHR:

  • Form D - Register of Deduction from Wages - UP Shop Act 
  • From X - Register of Fines - Andhra Pradesh
  • Form P - Register of Advance Paid, Deductions for Damages or Losses and Fines - Tamil Nadu
  • Form XI - Register of Deductions for Damage or Loss - Andhra Pradesh
  • From X - Register of Fines - Telangana

Attendance Enhancements

  • The following error message now appears when an employee applies for leave, even if the Shift Roster is not updated for that employee.
       You cannot apply for leave, as shift is not updated for you.
  • Prior to this release, the Shift Roster could only be updated automatically. With this release, Admin can decide whether the Shift Roster must be updated manually or automatically. In order to do so, new rule, Shift Roster Detection has been added to Attendance Status Criteria, under System Settings > Attendance > Attendance Policy. To know more about the functionality, refer to, Create an Attendance Policy.
  • Alerts and deductions on the Attendance Info page, now appear in a different way. Both the grid and the legends (appearing at the bottom of the page) for alert and deduction, now have a background color. This enhancement comes with the following benefits:
    • Better look and feel across the Attendance Info page
    • Helps in quickly identifying of the associated alert or deduction

To see how this enhancement appears on the Attendance Info page, refer to, Attendance Info.





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