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Release Version: 5.3.6

17 February, 2017

What's New in this Release

Employees can now mark their attendance using the greytHR mobile app. This feature, comes with the following advantages:

  • It’s an easy to use feature. With almost every other work getting done over mobile apps in just a few taps, employees getting to mark their attendance over the mobile app, makes this feature readily usable.

  • Supports attendance marking from multiple locations. For example, let us consider an organization that has offices in three different cities. There might be employees who are required to visit all these three offices in a month. In such situations, employees can mark their attendance from each of the offices.

  • Cost factors involved in maintaining the biometric device, the associated server and a private network (to authenticate user sign in) are now solved.

  • Employee instantly gets to know if attendance for the day is recorded or not.

 Following steps define the flow of events involved in enabling this feature:

  1. Admin needs to map the GPS coordinates of the office premises. To do so, the Admin must install the Office Locator app.
  2. Once the coordinates are defined, then employees can mark their attendance when within the defined location.

    In case of offices located in multiple locations, Admin must map the coordinates of each of those office locations. Once done, employees can mark their attendance from the multiple locations.
  3. Employees can either mark their attendance manually or the system can record the swipes automatically when they move in and out of the predefined location.

To know the procedure involved in setting up the office location, refer to, Setting up Office Locations.

Invite Employees to use the greytHR Mobile app

Only employees who use the greytHR mobile app, can use this feature to mark their attendance. Hence, employees who are yet to start using the greytHR mobile app, must be invited via SMS, to do so. A count of employees who are using the mobile app, appears on the Employee Overview page. Along with the count, there also lies an URL on clicking which Admin is taken to the page from where employees can be invited.
To know how Admin can invite the employees, refer to, Invite Employees to Use the greytHR Mobile App.


Following are the list of enhancements that are part of Release 5.3.6:


  • Admin can now generate letters for multiple employees at once. For example, Admin can easily generate Appraisal Letters for multiple employees at once. This upgrade, eases the Admin's effort and comes with the following added advantages to,
    • Download letter for individual employees.
    • Send the published letters to employee, manager or others, as email attachment.
    • Publish the letters to the employee portal.
    • Download the published letters in bulk. To know more about the changes involved in the fuctionality, refer to, Generate Letter.
  • Admin can now choose plain paper or letterhead as the print media, while generating a letter. Creating a letter using letterhead as the print media, solves misalignment and improper spacing of text. After choosing letterhead as the print media, Admin can also set the top and bottom margin for the letter. This greatly improves the look and feel of the letter thus generated.

  • The editor of the Letter Template is highly enhanced. The editor allows you to copy and paste content from Word file without altering the format. Formating and customizing of letter using different font, color, size, bullet types and so on can be done easily. 
  • Prior to this release, while adding salary components to a letter, there was no functionality to check whether a component is having zero value for an employee or not. The zero value component could be either N/A for the employee or it may not be a part of that employee’s CTC at all. While adding the salary components, if there existed any zero value component, the same appeared as an empty row in the letter. This blank row in the letter demeaned the look and feel of the template. 

    With this release, the letter template can now pick up and display the CTC structure of an employee, as per an employee’s salary structure. A special data source named Salary Structure, is now introduced. On trying to add this data source, the complete structure of salary is automatically added to the template in a tabular format. Admin cannot modify this tabular format. Now, while generating a letter, a row having a zero value component is automatically removed and the table is restructured.


  • Prior to this, Reviewer for reimbursement was configured from the back end. There was no option available for the Admin to define the Reviewer. With this release, a new level of approval has been introduced for reimbursements. To implement this enhancements, the following pages and options have been introduced:
    • The new page Reimbursement Reviewer, is now introduced under System Settings > Payroll
    • From this new page, Admin can either choose One Level or Two Level for review.
    • After choosing the appropriate review level, Admin has to choose a particular Reviewer for that level. For instance, Admin has to choose the First Reviewer for One Level review and the First and Second Reviewer for Two Level review. To know more about the functionality, refer to Reimbursement Reviewer.
A Reviewer for reimbursement that was configured for a customer prior to this release, is now considered as the First Reviewer for One Level review. Admin can change the review level as per the need.
  •  A new Provider Type, Category Based Admin, is now added for Workflow Reviewers. With this field added, the following provisions are now available: 
    • Provision to list the categories based on position head.
    • Provision to assign these categories to Admin users.


The following reports are now available in greytHR:

  • Form XII - Register of Contractors - CLRA Central Rules
  • Form XIV - Employment Card - CLRA Central Rules
  • Form XV - Service Certificate - CLRA Central Rules
  • Form G - Register of Attendance and Wages - UP Shop Act
  • Form XII - Register of Advances of Wages - Andhra Pradesh
  • Form D - Central - Equal Remuneration Rules
  • Form U - Combined annual return for shops & establishments - Karnataka
  • Form C - Register of Employees - Punjab
  • Form C - Register of Employees - Haryana
  • Form E - Register of Deductions - Punjab
  • Form D - Register of Wages - Punjab
  • Form E - Register of Deductions - Haryana
  • Form D - Register of Wages - Haryana
  • Form A - Register of Employment - Kerala
  • Form H - Quarterly Return - Kerala
  • Form XXII - Register of Wages - Andhra Pradesh
  • Form O - Self Certification for Information Technology Software Establishments - Tamil Nadu 
  • Form XXIX - Quarterly Report Goa Shops and Commercial Establishment Rules 
  • Form XXII - Register of Wages - Telangana
  • Form N - Notice of periods of work - Jammu and Kashmir
  • Form W - Register of Employees - West Bengal
  • Form U - Register of Overtime Work - West Bengal
  • Form XXI - Register of Employment - Goa
  • Form VI - Register of National and Festival Holidays - Tamil Nadu

Fixed Issues

Following are the issues that are fixed as a part of Release 5.3.6:

Bug tracking IDDescription
GHR-2294In the Attendance 2.0 version, work hours for exception employees, were displaying random values. This issue is now fixed.
GHR-2535Under Workflow > Monitor > Attendance Regularization, Withdraw status for completed transactions were not getting displayed. This issue is now fixed.

The Labour Welfare Fund was not getting calculated if,

  • an employee resigned in a month, and
  • in the same month the final settlement was performed.

With this release, this issue is now solved.

GHR-2316For new joinees, quarterly prorated grant of leaves was not taking place accurately. Some abstract values were getting displayed. This issue is now solved.
GHR-2558With the Swipe not present rule chosen as the default rule for attendance exception, the attendance of exception employees were not being correctly recorded. For example, let us consider that an employee was present for a full day, but was involved in field work. Keeping the scenario in mind, Admin had marked this exception employee as present. However, with the Swipe not present rule enabled as the default rule, this exception employee was being marked as Absent (A:A). This issue is now solved and the Swipe not present rule is working as expected.
GHR-2672The issue related to the attachment not appearing along with the Welcome to greytHR email sent to new joinees, is now fixed.

greytHR Support

For more information or immediate assistance with the greytHR application, reach out to our support team at,

Phone: +91-80-40225900 (The greytHR support team is available on phone during office hours (9:30 AM to 6:30 PM), Monday to Friday.)


You can even submit your query in our Contact page.


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