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greytHR offers on this page a quick view of all reimbursement transactions of an employee along with details of entitlements, claims paid out, and the balance..

  1. Click Payroll > Published Info > Reimbursement Statement.
    The Reimbursement Statement page.

    Set the date as per required month.

  2. Select an employee to view details.
    Reimbursement details for selected employee.
  3. In the Claims tab, click The Details button. of required reimbursement to view details.
    Reimbursement details of Medical Allowance. 
  4. Select required value from the Status drop-down list to view corresponding amount.
    The Pending drop-down list with Approved selected.
  5. The details displays as follows:
    The approved amount displays in the Claims tab. 
  6. In the Payouts tab, view the total payout made to the employee.
    The Payout tab of the Reimbursement Statement.