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You can now define a Reviewer for reimbursements. To be able to do so, a new page Reimbursement Reviewer, has been introduced under System Settings. Once on this page, you can then define a review level as per your need.

 Perform the following steps to define a Reviewer for reimbursements:

  1. Navigate to System Settings > Payroll > Reimbursement Reviewer. The Reimbursement Reviewer page appears.

    Figure 1: Adding Reimbursement Reviewer 
  2. Select one of the following review levels, as per your need:
    • One Level—Select this option, if you want to add only one level of review for reimbursements. Then choose the reviewer in the First Reviewer field.
    • Two Level—Select this option, if you want to add two levels of review for reimbursements. Then accordingly choose the first and second reviewers from the First Reviewer and Second Reviewer fields.

      A Reviewer for reimbursement that was configured (from the back-end) for a customer prior to this release, is now considered as the First Reviewer for One Level review. You can change the review level as per the need.
  3. Click Save. A message appears prompting you that the Reviewer is successfully added.

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