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After the Payroll for the selected month is run, greytHR provides a snapshot of salary statements of employees on this page. You can further customize the list and download it as a spreadsheet.

Unlike Payroll Statement, this view is not configurable.

  1. Click Payroll > Verify > Quick Salary Statement.

Data displays as per selected month. Filter to further customize data. Use the horizontal scroll bar to scroll across all columns of the table. To directly perform this action, go to Actions > Payroll > Generate Payroll Statement.

Employees displayed in red indicate resigned and settled employees.

2. Click The Export to Excel button. to download details as a spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet downloads to the default folder.

3. Click the The Pin icon. icon to freeze or unfreeze a column such as Join Date.
The Quick Salary Statement table with the Join Date column frozen.

Note that the Join Data column becomes the first column. You can scroll across other columns while Join Date remain frozen.

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Learn more about the process by watching the video here.