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greytHR enables you to build your own query set to generate a report. You can create ad-hoc and user-defined reports. It gives you the ability to pull out any data stored in the application. This page lists all the reports that you have built and saved in the past.

Here is how you can start building your reports:

  1. Click Reports > Query Builder.

    Figure 1: Navigating to the Query Builder page
  2. Click The Create Report button.. A Create Custom Report wizard page appears.
  3. In the Available Fields section, from the Select Category drop down, select the category for which you want to build the report. Use the arrows to move the category(s) to the Output Fields.
    The Choose Fields page of the Create Custom Report wizard.
  4. Click Next.
  5. In the Sort Order section, use the arrows to sort the order of the Output Fields.
    The Sort Order page of the Create Custom Report wizard.
  6. In the Filter Criteria section, select category type from the Category Type drop down.
    The Filter Criteria page of the Create Custom Report wizard.
  7. In the Results page, type the Report Title, Description and select the Employee Filter.
  8. Click The Export button. to view or download your query set as a spreadsheet.
  9. Click The Save button.. A message appears stating the details of the report. Upon successful save, the Query Builder page displays the new report.

    Click the report name to edit query set or regenerate report.

 Click here to view the video on how to generate a report or watch it here, now: