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You can process attendance in greytHR for changes to data in a date that is past to the current date. Attendance processing is possible for all or only select employees. After processing, you can view the updated details in Attendance Info, Shift Roster and Attendance Muster and related reports.

  1. Click Leave > Admin > Process Attendance.
  2. Select desired date and click The Process Attendance button..

    Attendance automatically processes for current and future dates. Manual processing is required if you enter a date in the past.

    Attendance Processing for All Employees
    2.1 Select the From and To dates for processing attendance and click the All Employees option.
    2.2 Click the Process button.

    Attendance Processing for Select Employees

    2.3 To process attendance for only select employees, click the Selected Employees option.
    2.4 Select the employees and click the Process button.

  3. The attendance processes and the attendance processed message is displayed.

  4. The attendance processed details are displayed in the Process Attendance page.

  5. Click the number of employees to view employee details.

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