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You can create a customized payroll report as per your need from the Payroll Statement page. The following section gives a detailed explanation of the steps involved:

  1. Navigate to Payroll > Verify > Payroll Statement. The Payroll Statement page appears.

    Figure 1: Navigating to the Payroll Statement page

  2. Click Add Statement. A wizard appears with instructions to help you create a customized Payroll Statement.

    Figure 2: Viewing the Payroll Statement page
  3. In the GENERAL section, type the name, report title and description for the Payroll Statement.
  4. Click Next. The COLUMNS section appears.
  5. In the COLUMNS section, using the expand  icon, choose the various columns that you want to include in the Payroll Statement. Select the element and click the arrow to add the element in your payroll statement. The arrow can be used to delete the elements.
  6. Click Next. The ORDER section appears
  7. In the ORDER section, you can arrange the selected elements in the manner as you want them to appear on the Payroll Statement. Drag and drop the element to re-position the order as per your choice.
  8. Click Next. The OPTIONS section appears.
  9. In the OPTIONS section, using the available drop downs, choose the appropriate options based on which you want to generate the Payroll Statement. You can also select the check boxes to further customize the Payroll Statement.
  10. Click Finish. The Payroll Statement is created and appears on the Payroll Statement page. You can further edit or delete the statement as per your requirement.

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