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You can configure Payroll Repository for various calculations. You can select whether required component displays in UI or not, its related Income Tax if any, set the formula if required, and enter suitable remarks beside many other configuration parameters. You can modify the existing repository or add or delete Parent and Child components.

  1. Click Payroll > Setup > Payroll Repository.

    The Payroll Repository page displays.

    The changes that you make here reflect in Payroll > Payroll Inputs > Salary.

  2. Select a component (1) from the Search Component drop-down list such as REIMBURSEMENT ITEMS.
    Selected component displays.

    The path (2) for the selected component displays.

  3. Click  to scroll to the indicated path as follows:
    The Reimbursement Items component displays.

    You can stay at the parent component level (1) or drill down to a child component (2) such as MEDICAL REIMBURSEMENT.

  4. View  or modify the various values of the component from the tabs alongside as follows:
    1. General Properties

      Remember to save changes made in each tab.

    2. Agent Info
      1. Select FORMULA AGENT (1) from the Payroll Agent drop-down list to modify (2) the formula, if required, to calculate Reimbursement.
        The Formula Agent displays for selected component.

        Select required functions, operators, and components for the formula from (3).

      2. Click Validate to validate the modified formula.
      3. Repeat steps for REIMBURSEMENT AGENT and HAND ENTRY AGENT if required.
        The Hand Entry Agent displays for selected component.

      4. PT Deduction for Directors

        Now, PT for directors is deducted only if Is Director option (Employee > Information > Employee Profile) is selected and option for PT deduction for directors is enabled. By default, PT deduction is enabled. To disable PT deduction for directors:
        1. In the Search Component drop down, select PROF TAX and in the Agent Info tab, select the Payroll Agent as Professional Tax Agent.
        2. Check the box Do not deduct PT for director.
        3. Click Save Changes.

    3. Tax Properties

      Teddy payslip is a payslip present in the Payslip Gallery of greytHR which provides income and deduction values in a horizontal layout along with TDS information. Now, there is an option in Payroll Repository settings to select an exemption item for any tax or non-tax related component in greytHR. This helps in displaying the income tax deductions in the Teddy payslip.

       Perquisite to Form 12 BA Mapping

      Now, you can map the perquisites to Form 12 BA items at the time of creating the perquisite. This feature ensures that Admin does not put off the task of mapping perquisites to Form 12 BA items.

      1. In the Tax Properties tab, select Item Type as Perquisite or Perquisite - One Time Tax.

      2. In the Form 12 BA Mapping drop down, select the Form 12 BA item to be mapped to the perquisite.

      3. Click Save Changes.


    4. Remarks
  5. Click The Add Parent button. or The Add Child button. to to add a component at parent or child level in the component bar to the left.
  6. Click The Update button. when you are done.
  7. Click Update again in the Update Repository pop-up window.
    The Update Repository pop-up window.
  8. A success message displays.
    The repository updated success message displays.

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