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greytHR offers quick access to lock/release the Payroll and publish/unpublish the Payslip to selected employee or employee category. This feature is useful when you have to release Payroll in cycles or batches.

  1. Click Payroll > Admin > Payroll Release.
    The Payroll Release page displays.

  2. Select the required action from the Status drop-down list such as Unpublished.

    Payroll lock/unlock is based on a combination of status and user action. Once, Payroll is released to employees, the list populates in Payroll Release as well. Payroll Overview is to process Payroll for all employees.

  3. Select the required employee(s) for whom to perform the action.
    Employees selected for Publish action.
  4. Click The Publish Selected button..

    You can publish for all employees without performing Step 3.

  5. Click Confirm in the Payroll Release message box.
    The Payroll Release confirmation message box.
  6. A success message displays.
    The Payroll published success message displays.
  7. The selected employees now list under the Published status as follows:
    Payroll published for selected employees.

    Note the change in status of Payroll lock and release as indicated by the icons. Note also the change in button names.

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