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Payroll process is a single click activity, which will result in computation of all salary components, reimbursements, arrears, settlements and statutory components including Income Tax (TDS). Once processing is complete, you are now ready to start the verification and salary payout activities. You can process the payroll any number of times in a month, to review the Payroll and complete the verification. Once the payout is done and the Payroll is locked, further updates for that payroll cannot be done. greytHR helps maintain a log of all Payroll processing. You can also directly process Payroll from this log page.

  1. Click Payroll > Process > Payroll Process Log.
    The Payroll Process Log page.

    The log displays the last twenty Payroll activities irrespective of the month and year you select on this page.

  2. View the Last 20 process log table for recent Payroll activity on a single employee or the database.
  3. Click  to process as per the checklist of the Payroll process
    click The Quick Process button. to process immediately in the same page.

    Payroll always runs for the selected month.