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The greytHR payroll software allows you to view and perform all the payroll related activities from the Payroll Overview page. By default, the view is of the latest Payroll month created and you can also navigate to another month. The main user interactions on this page are:

To notify all employees about release of payroll, you need to first enable Event Notification for the Notify payroll release event type before you release the payroll.

Click Payroll > Main > Overview.

 Associate Locations to PT States in Payroll Overview

Associate Locations to PT States in Payroll Overview

greytHR now helps you to change the employee location to one that is not associated with a state, with professional tax deduction. The administrator can easily view such locations, at the time of processing payroll in the Payroll Overview screen and associate the same, with the corresponding PT (Professional Tax) states.

  1. Click Employee > Information > Position History.
  2. Select an employee whose location has to be changed.
  3. In the Location attribute, click Add.
  4. Click , the Add/ Edit Location icon .
  5. Add and save the new location.

    Figure 1: Add New Location
  6. Change the employee location to Shimoga.

    Shimoga is not mapped to any state which has professional tax deduction.

    Figure 2: Change Employee Location

  7. Click Payroll > Overview. The page is displayed with locations without PT state.
  8. Click on the number of locations under Locations Without PT State.

    Figure 3: Payroll Overview with Locations Without PT State
  9. Now, you can add a PT state for the location. In the State column, enter a PT state.

  10. Click Save.

Figure 4: Associate Location with PT State

By default, you view the latest Payroll month created. To navigate to another month, the options are:

  • select from at the top right of the menu bar. This selection becomes the default month for all other pages of the Payroll menu.
  • select from  at top of the Overview page.
  • click The Previous button in Payroll Overview. or The Next button in Payroll Overview. in the Overview page to move to the previous or next month.
  •  To directly perform this action, go to Actions > Payroll > Create New Payroll Month.

If there are any locations not associated with PT (Professional Tax) states, you can associate the same. Click on the number of locations under Locations Without PT States and provide the corresponding PT states.

  • The Overview page is divided in to the following sections:
    • Non-interactive: user interaction is not allowed and the graphs refresh automatically.

    • Interactive: user interaction is allowed in the following ways and data refreshes automatically:
      • Cut off dates
        1. In Cutoff from dd mmm yyyy to dd mmm yyyy, click to set a date range for Payroll processing.
        2. Enter required cut off dates in the Update Payroll Info message box.
          The Update Payroll Info message box displays.
        3. Click Update to save your changes.
      • Payroll Processing
        1. Click The Payroll Process button..

          This feature is disabled for previous months. For succeeding months, click the The Create Payroll button. button to create the Payroll page and then proceed with related activities. To directly perform this action, go to Actions > Payroll > Update Payroll Data.

        2. In the Payroll Process page, select items in the Checklist column to move them to the Completed Tasks column.
          The Completed Tasks column with all items selected.

          Click More to scroll through the rest of the column. Hover over a checklist item to view options such as ignore this to remove an item from consideration in the current processing cycle., take me there to navigate to that menu in greytHR, Help to know more about the item, or delete it from the checklist.
          Sample view when you hover over a checklist item.

          The items move in the order of selection. If required, click an item in Completed Tasks to move it back to Checklist. However, you need to process and select all items to complete Payroll processing. To directly perform this action, go to Actions > Payroll > Process Payroll.

        3. In the Payroll Process page, the process status displays.
          The Payroll process status.

        4. Click The Close button..
          The Payroll process success message.

          This screen displays the processing success message along with discrepancies, if any, in salary.

        5. The Payroll Process Log page displays.
          The Payroll Process Log page.

          You can process Payroll for a selected month any number of times within the salary release timelines of your org. The Payroll Process page displays the items you last chose. Click The Quick Process button. to run the Payroll alone, as in Step iii, without the checklist selection. The Payroll log updates with the changes.

      • Lock and Unlock of Payroll
        1. Click The Payroll Lock button. in Payroll to prevent Payroll processing.

          To directly go to this page, go to Actions > Lock Payroll.


        2. Click Confirm in the following message:
          Message when you click Lock.
        3. A success message displays.
          The payroll lock success message.

          Note that the The Unlock icon. icon to the left of the latest Payroll month created changes to The Lock icon. and the Process Payroll button is now disabled. Click The Payroll Unlock button. to unlock the Payroll.

      • Hold and Release of Payroll

        1. Click The Hold button. in Employee View to prevent employees from viewing the selected month's payslip.

          Employees will be able to view their Payslips only till the last released month.

        2. A success message displays.
           The Hold payslip success message.

        3. Click The Release button. to release the selected month's Payslip to employees.
        4. For first time users of greytHR, the following message displays:
          The Payslip Release Notification pop-up window.

          Select Remember my choice if you do not want to see this pop-up window again.

        5. Click The Release with Notification button. to notify all employees as per choice set before in Event Notification.

          If you click The Release without Notification button. then the preset Notify payroll release event type is not activated.

        6. The notification displays as follows if you chose SMS:
          SMS notification for payroll release.
        7. If you process payroll again for same or future months then the behavior is as follows:

          1. For the same month: if you click The Release button. again after modifying payroll then the following pop-up window displays:
            The Payslip Release Notification resend prompt pop-up window.

          2. For future months: if you release payslips for future months then the following pop-up window displays:
            The Payslip Release Notification confirmation pop-up window.

            Ensure that the event notification is set before you click Notify or OK.

      • Hold and Release of IT Statement

        • Click Release to release the IT Statement to employees or click Hold to hold back the released statement, respectively. Once held, the statement will disappear from ESS.

          Ensure that the Payroll is locked before performing this action. Employees will be able to view their IT Statements only till the last released month.IT Statement is automatically released to employees. You can also re-release the statement.

Learn more about the process by watching the video here.

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