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A recurring computation you perform is the difference in salary between two consecutive months. The greytHR payroll software enables you to view the difference in current and previous month's salaries with easy drag and drop operation. The result is easy to understand reports.

  1. Click Payroll > Verify > Payroll Differences.
    The Payroll Differences page.

    To directly go to this page, go to Actions > Payroll > Verify Payroll Differences.

  2. To view the data in an order of your choice, such as difference in month wise salary, drag and drop a column on to the grey bar with the same instruction.
    Data rearranged by month wise Difference.

    You can drag and drop only one column at a time. Click The Cross icon. in the column name to restore the default view. The default data is Salary. To change this base data, select from The Payroll Group button. and click The Refresh icon..

  3. To print a report of this data, select from The Report button. and then click the same button again to generate the required reports. Note the change in report data as per selection:
    1. Item Wise Report
      The Item Wise report.
    2. Employee Wise Report
      The Employee Wise report.
    3. Consolidated Report
      The Consolidated report.
  4. To change the time period, click The Options button..
    Check the box Include Zero Differences to view and download payroll differences statement with zero differences in the selected months.

  5. Click The Process button. to view the change in the table.