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PAN is a frequently quoted ID proof and a statutory requirement for many transaction involving employees. This menu of greytHR provides you a quick overview of employee wise PAN entries in the system.

Go to System Settings to enable PAN validation.

  1. Click Payroll > Admin > PAN Status.
    Click Actions. Search for PAN number. Click Update Employee PAN Number to navigate to PAN Status page.

  2.  Filter on or use the PAN Status column to verify the employees not having PAN details in greytHR.

  3. You can verify your employees' PAN here. To verify the PAN, select PAN AVAILABLE from PAN STATUS drop-down list to view the employees with the pan available. Choose the employee and select the checkbox under Verified column to mark the pan status as verified.    

    Kindly note that the PAN Status and PAN No columns are editable when your selection is PAN AVAILABLE. If the choice is any of the other options, then the PAN NO column automatically reflects the value of PAN Status. It is optional to select the Verification checkbox to mark your task as complete.

  4. Click The Save button. to save the changes.

    Save functionality works only with respect to PAN STATUS and PAN NO columns. Save is not required when you select the Verification checkbox. 

  5. A success message displays.
    The PAN update success message.


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