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This page displays a list of all the policies created and their status. Policies can be in Active, ScheduledClosed, Expired or Draft state. You can create a new policy, search for a policy, view details of an existing policy, disable or clone it from the Overtime page.
To navigate to Overtime page, click Settings icon > System Settings > Attendance > Overtime Policy.

There are two tabs on the Policy List page, which are Active and Closed.

Active tab

After a policy is created, it is displayed under the Active tab. The Active tab contains policies with the following status:

  1. DRAFT: A policy is in the DRAFT state when it is not active. This means that there is no Effective Date selected for the policy. 
  2. SCHEDULED: A policy is in the SCHEDULED state when the effective date is after the current date. 
  3. ACTIVE: A policy is in ACTIVE when the effective date is either today or in the past i.e before the current date. 

Closed tab

After an active or scheduled policy is disabled, the disabled policy is moved under the Closed tab. The status of the disabled policy becomes EXPIRED. You cannot retrieve an expired policy. In case, you want to retrieve the policy, you can create a duplicate policy by cloning the expired policy.

Managing your policy

To manage a policy, perform the following actions:

  1. Click anywhere on the policy card to expand policy details. You can also click on the arrow button. 
  2. In policy card, you can view Effective From date, Remarks and Last saved on details in the card. 
  3. You can also perform the following actions for a policy:

    1. View Details: On clicking View Details, you will be redirected to the Summary page. Here you can view a complete overview of the policy in a read-only mode. 
    2. Disable: On clicking Disable, your policy will expire and move to the Closed tab. The policy card then shows the Closed On date details.
    3. Clone:  On clicking Clone, you can make an exact duplicate of the policy. You can view this cloned policy in a DRAFT state under the Active tab.
    4. Delete: On clicking Delete, the policy is removed from the application. This option is only available when a policy is in DRAFT state.

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