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Overtime Finalisation page helps admin in considering all overtime applications for payroll. If an admin applies for OT, then the applied records are visible in the OT Finalisation page. In this page, the OT admin considers the records for payroll and ignores those that are invalid. You can also search for individual employee's record. By default, current month payroll data is displayed. You can also view the total number of records available as well as employee data of past months.  
To navigate to Overtime Finalisation, click Leave > Admin > Overtime Finalisation.

All the data is visible as per the filters selected. You can view all the data based on the following filters:

  1. Status
    1. Not Considered:  If an admin applies for OT in Overtime Apply page, all the applications reflect under the Not Considered filter in OT Finalization page. You can consider or ignore the employees for overtime from this filter. The employees will be considered for overtime for the latest payroll month accepting inputs.
    2. Considered: Under this filter, you can view all the employees who are considered for the overtime. After the payroll is locked, you can view the considered employees' details on Overtime Register page. If you must consider more employees after the payroll is locked, you must unlock and lock the payroll again to view the updated details in OT Register page. 
    3. All: This filter displays a list of all the employees for whom overtime is applied. Employees may be in considered, not considered or ignored state.
    4. Ignored: The Ignored records in Finalisation process can be applied again from the OT Apply page. This filter displays a list of all the employees whom you have chosen to ignore in the Not Considered filter. If required, the admin must reapply for an employee who is ignored for the current payroll month. 
  2. OT Records In
    1. Selected Period OT Records: By default, Selected Period OT Records is selected. This means that Not Considered, Considered, Ignored, and All display the OT data for the period you have selected. 
    2. Past OT Records: If you choose to select this filter as well, then Not Considered, Considered, Ignored, and All will display the record of employees from past months along with the Status selected. They will be visible as arrears or reversal in Overtime Register page. You can view the past month details under the Previous Months in Finalisation Details page.

Considering/ Ignoring an Employee for Current Payroll Period

To consider or ignore an employee, perform the following actions:

  1. Select the Status filter as Not Considered. A list of all the employees who haven't been considered yet is displayed on the right side of the screen.
  2. Select the check box(s) against the employees who you want to consider or ignore.
  3. Click Consider/ Ignore to complete your action. Consider/ Ignore pop-up appears. 
  4. For considering an employee, select the current month from the Payroll Month drop-down menu from the Consider pop-up.
  5. Click Confirm to consider the employee for the current payroll month.
  6. For ignoring an employee, click Confirm in the Ignore pop-up.

Ignoring Individual Entries for an Employee

In the Overtime Finalisation details page, you can view all the application details till current date. You can also choose to ignore individual date entries from this page. These entries could be considered or not considered applications. The Overtime Finalisation details page displays all the information related to the selected employee such as Eligible OT Hours, Applied OT Hours, Status of the application, Day Type, etc. 

To Ignore an individual entry for an employee, perform the following actions:

  1. In the Overtime Finalisation details page, click  under the Details column against the employee's name, whose details you want to view. You will be directed to the following Overtime Finalisation details page:

    The active check box(s) beside the Dates column are the only ones which can be ignored.  Inactivated checkbox(s) means the payroll is already locked after they have been considered or ignore. 

  2. Select the required status from the Status drop-down menu.
  3. Select the checkbox(s) besides the Dates, that you want to ignore. 
  4. Click Ignore pop-up appears:

  5. Click Confirm to ignore the selected entries.

    Click Go Back to revert to the previous menu.

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