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When an employee joins an organization, the company welcomes the new employee and provides orientation on company, culture, job, benefits and various sub-processes around the work. Generally the whole process is termed as Onboarding. In most of the companies HR Department drives the whole process.

On the first day of joining, there are a set of formalities that need to be completed. This includes:

  1. Collecting Employee's personal information.
  2. Collecting documents such as ID proof, address proof, age proof, and photographs.
  3. Collecting Previous employment information including Experience and Relieving Letter.
  4. Recording/Storing all the information and filing hard-copies of all documents.
  5. Meeting with the Manager.
  6. Allocating seating space.

After completion of first day, HR will have a set of other activities to complete:

  1. Creation of email ID, access credentials, and ID Cards - for this, HR will interact with other departments such as IT, Admin, etc. In small companies, either HR or owner themselves will do this work.
  2. Verification of employee information such as previous employment, educational qualifications, legal issues and employee-given identity, etc., - this is done either by HR or by an external agency (a.k.a Verification Agency). PF-related document verification and KYC mapping is facilitated within greytHR.
  3. Reference Check.
  4. Do an Induction program for the employee - as part of Induction, inform employees about the organization, policies of the organization, work that is done, various key stakeholders, etc.
  5. Maintain information on the Department, Location, Grade, etc., of the employee.

  6. Maintain information on the salary of the employee and inform or use this in Payroll processing.

  7. Generate and issue an Appointment Letter with the right terms and conditions for the new joinees.


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