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The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has now mandated that all firms must be registered on a new regulatory platform (Distributed Ledger Technology) to control the SMS spams. As per the new TRAI regulations, any communication message sent by greytHR to the customers needs to be registered in the TRAI DLT platform. The DLT platform keeps records of all the transactions performed by the network associates. It’s aimed at creating more transparency and reducing the incidence of spam and fraud done through SMS. To comply with the regulations, the SMSes you send through the greytHR platform to your employees must be based on registered templates approved by the Telecom operators.  

What does it mean for you?

You can only use the standard greytHR SMS templates that have been approved by the Telecom Operator which meet the TRAI guidelines. To ensure compliance with the regulations, customization of SMSes will be disabled. The registered templates cannot be modified/altered by the customers.

Impacted Areas in the greytHR Application

Here are the impacted pages: 

  1. Mass Communication Page - To know more about Mass Communication, click here
  2. Event Notification page- To know more about Event Notification, click here.
  3. Send Passwords To New Joiners page - To know more about Send Passwords To New Joiners, click here.
  4. Invite Employees to Use the greytHR Mobile App Page - To know more about Invite Employees to Use the greytHR Mobile App, click here.

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