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You can monitor the overtime applications status of all the employees from the Overtime page. You can view the application details such as timeline, OT days, applied OT hours, Swipe In, Swipe Out. Excess hours, Eligible OT, Applied OT, Approved OT, and Remarks. You can also export the list of the employees' overtime application status. 

To navigate to the -Overtime page, click Workflow > Monitor > Overtime.

To monitor an employee's overtime application, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Overtime page, using the Employee, List, and Applied Date Range filter, search for the employee whose overtime application you want to monitor. The employee list displays based on the filters you have used.
  2. Click the required employee card. The Review page opens. The page displays all the relevant details of the selected employee's application.
  3. Click Approve to approve the employee's overtime application. Accept Overtime Application pop-up appears.
  4. Click Confirm to approve the overtime application of the selected employee.

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