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In Employee > Information, modify the following information of an employee:

Bank/PF/ESI Accounts

  1. Click The Edit icon to edit details such as of PF account:
    Bank, PF, and ESI accounts
  2. Enter details as follows:
    The PF Account section.

    You can select from Document Type only if document verification has been done in Employee Profile. If verification is not done then a suitable message displays in this section. You can also insert the bank details in a letter template before generating required letter for an employee.

  3. Upon selection of a verified document, a message displays in this section to indicate KYC link.
    The PF section with PF KYC date stamp.

    When there is only one verified identity, KYC link is established automatically with that identity.


Family Details

  1. Click the The New Family Member button button in Employee > Information > Family Details.
    The New Family Member button in the Family Details page 
  2. Add family member details and click Save.
    The Family Member section with values
  3. The table of family members displays as follows in the main Family Members page.
     Table of family members


Passport & Visa

  1. In the Passport & Visa sub menu, click the  icon in the Add New Passport section to add passport details for the employee or dependent.
    The Passport and Visa page
  2. In the same page, add Visa details too when required.



In the Assets sub menu, click the The Add iconicon in the New asset section to add a new asset. Your changes display as follows:
The Assets page

Position History

Click the The Edit icon icon to modify existing information or click the Add New Entry link to add new details.
The Position History page

Previous Employment

Click the The Edit icon icon to modify existing information or click the The Add icon icon to add new details of previous employers.
The Previous Employment details.

There is no lower or upper limit to the number of entries on this page. The gross work experience reflects as Total Experience and your entry of relevant shows under Relevant Experience. If either or one is zero then no values are displayed. Only numeric values are allowed.



  1. Select from the Separation Mode drop-down list as follows:
    The Resigned value in the Separation drop-down list

  2. The corresponding section displays for you to edit as required.
    The Resigned section of the Separation page


Employee Documents

  1. In Employee Documents, view policies and forms in the default Forms tab, such as for PF or  travel requisition, or click on the other tabs to view mass-generated or employee-specific communication from the org.
    The Employee Documents page

    The documents you view are uploaded from Employee > Admin.

  2. Click The Download icon to download the file to your system.

    In Windows systems, the default folder for the file is Downloads.



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