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greytHR offers a view of ongoing and completed leave transactions on this page.

  1. Click Workflow > Monitor > Leave.
    The Leave workflow page.

    By default, the Active leave applications display. Click the List drop-down box to display the Completed applications. Leaves that are pending with a manager and beyond scope of Administrator to process display at the top of the list such as the one marked Personal in the sample image.

  2. Select employee or click a leave application to display its details.
    Selected leave application displays.

    Click the open leave application again to close it and come back to the main page.

  3. Click The Detailed View button. to display more details of the employee's leave if required.
    Detailed view of the employee's leave.

    Click Forward to send to another manager in circumstances such as employee's manager being unavailable or the application needing further examination. Click Reject if cancelling the application. You can also copy concerned employee or another using the CC field. Enter remarks if required. Your actions will display in the Employee Portal of the employee and concerned manager. 

  4. Click the View Employees On Leave button to view leave details of selected employee.
    The View Employees On Leave button.

    Click View Leave Transactions to view types of leave taken by the employee.

  5. Enter the date range and search for the leave details.
    Search result of the employee's leave.
  6. Click The Accept button. to accept the leave application.

  7. A success message displays.
    Leave process success message.

  8. The Monitor: Leave page displays.
    The Leave page after the application is processed.

Note that only the pending leave applications display.

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