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The Leave Overview page in greytHR offers a graphical and dynamic view of the leave-related activities in a period. If proceeding with year end process, click the Close the Year End button to close balance of the leave, check lapse in any applicable leaves, transfer any leave from one leave type to another, and compute the final closing balances. All as per your org’s policy. The process transfers the final closing balance as the Opening Balance of the next year and changes the Leave Year to the new year. You can also view useful reports at the end of the process.

  1. Click Leave > Main > Overview.

    Overview is the default page you visit when you click on the Leave menu from anywhere in greytHR. The current view, with the additional Leave year end is here! box, is visible only during leave year end period.

  2. The Overview page is divided in to the following sections:
    1. Interactive: user interaction is allowed through filters. The default view is of leaves for current week. Data refreshes automatically.
      The interactive table of Leave Overview.

      Filter to view leaves taken in a time period for a category of employees.

      1. In the Leave year end is here banner, click Close the previous year if you have to process year end leave.

      2. A progress bar displays.

        The leave year end progress bar.

        The current year in System Settings > Leave > Leave Options automatically sets to the new year.

      3. View the related reports, which are generated after the process completes.

        Now you can rollback the processed leave year end transactions from the Leave Overview page. In case there are any lapses in the leave year end process, you can rollback all leave year end activities like leave balance carry forward, leave lapsed and leave encashed to the previous leave year value with this single option.

        If the leave year end process was completed, click on Rollback Year End to rollback the transactions.

      4. Click Rollback Year End to rollback all the leave transactions. All leave year end activities like leave balance carry forward, leave lapsed, leave encashed are automatically rolled back to the previous leave year value with this single option.
      5. Click Add Holiday List to add holidays for the coming new year.
      6. Click Grant Leave Days to grant leave for the coming new year.
    2. Non-interactive: user interaction is not allowed and the graphs refresh automatically.
    3. The non-interactive section of Leave Overview.

      A similar non-interactive page is the Activity tab, which provides a change log of Leave activities.

The Employee's Access Card Unassigned/Expired-18 section displays the name of employees whose access card has expired or who are yet to get an access card assigned. Clicking on the names will take you to the access card details page.

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