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Leave Calendar offers a quick view of the number of employees opting for leave in a selected day of a calendar month. The actions you can perform on this page are:

View Leave

  1. Click Leave > Main > Leave Calendar.
    The Leave Calendar page.

    The default calendar view is of the current month with current day hilighted in yellow. The leave table to the right displays leave for the first day of the month by default.

  2. Click The left arrow. or The right arrow. to navigate to the desired period.

    Click The Today button. to return to the current month.

  3. Click a blue button in desired period such as Day wise leave in Leave Calendar for 14th February, 2014.

    The value in the blue button indicates the number of employees applying for leave for that particular date. 

  4. The leave table reflects the leaves of the two employees, based on selected date, as follows:
    The leave table updates with selection from Leave Calendar.

    When you filter on the leave table, the calendar also updates to reflect as per selection.

Export Leave

  1. Make your selection as per View Leave.
  2. Click The Export To Excel button. to export a spreadsheet to your default downloads folder.
  3. View the spreadsheet to verify content as follows:
    The exported Excel file.

You can also watch the leave related activites from the video below or by clicking here

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