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You can create and store your customized JV template for Tally in greytHR. This is to import JV from greytHR to Tally.

  1. Go to System Settings > Payroll > JV Template
  2. Click The Add template button.

    Enter a name for the template, group level which refers number of groupings, and choose Tally (xml) for JV Output Type and click on Next

  3. Click  and enter Name, Account code, and Type (Debit/Credit).

    JV Group by can contain maximum number groupings mentioned in the previous screen. Groupings refers employee wise, location wise, division wise costing. For example some companies may account salary under a simple head 'salary'. However a company could maintain salary, basic, conveyance, house rent allowance etc. under various heads and also post location wise conveyance.

    While adding JV Items in greytHR, ensure that you are adding items used in your Tally system (Ledger). 

  4. Once the JV items are added, click on Next to perform JV mapping. This is to map the JV items to the components used in salary structure in greytHR

  5. Now the next and final step is to specify JV groupings ( in case of modification of groupings).

  6. The JV template is now ready for use and Click The Finish button..
  7. The JV template is now ready for use from the Accounts JV page.

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