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Employee identity verification is part of statutory compliance for PF. This page is to verify that all employees have submitted identity documents and that the verification is completed for these documents. The document may be submitted during onboarding or later for reasons as varied as background verification or opening bank account. The type of identity can also be photo ID proof (Passport) or plain document (Rental Agreement). greytHR allows an employee the flexibility of switching to another acceptable ID when the employee holds multiple IDs. As an Admin, you can also view employees who are yet to submit any ID.

  1. Go to Employee > Admin > Identity Verification.
    The Identity Verification page.

    Employee name repeats as many times as there are IDs.

  2. Filter as per Personal ID Status to view as per verification or availability of a document or by Document Type to view the various IDs associated with selected employee(s).

    In Personal ID Status, you can also filter by availability of a document to identify employees who are yet to submit any identity. The Verified check box is unavailable for such employees.

  3. Select or clear the Verified check box against document(s) to set or remove verification.

    The document should be listed in Employee Profile and its verification in that page is automatically reset as per your action.

  4. A success message displays.

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