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greytHR allows you to create a letter and send it to the employees. You can send it to one or multiple employees in one effort. 

Perform the following steps to generate a letter:

  1. Navigate to Employee > Admin > Generate Letter.

    To directly perform this action, go to Actions > Employee > Prepare A Letter.

    Figure 1: Navigating to the Letters page

  2. Click The Prepare a Letter button. The Generate Letter wizard appears.

  3. In the General section, select an appropriate letter template and type remarks, if any.

    • Based on the type of letter template, certain mandatory fields appear such as the CTC field for Offer Letter, Extend Probation Days field for Probation Extension Letter etc
    • The Serial Number field is auto-generated for each letter you prepare. However, the number remains constant even if you change the letter type before exiting the wizard.

    Figure 2: Selecting a Letter Template

  4. Click Next. The Select Employees section appears.

  5. In Select Employees section, you have the provision to generate the letter for a single employee or multiple employees. Perform one of the following steps as per your requirements:

    • Generating Letter for Single Employee:
        1. Click Single Employee option button.

          Figure 3: Generating Letter for Single Employee
        2. Type the name of the employee for whom you want to send the letter.

          Years In Service is a custom field. Choose the appropriate years using the arrows provided. Please make a note that any custom field which you add while creating a letter template also appears here.
    • Generating Letter for Multiple Employees: 
        1. Click Multiple Employees option button.

          Figure 4: Generating Letter for Multiple Employees
        2. Select a group of employees from the Employee Filter drop-down list. You also have an option to create a new filter. Based on the filter that you choose, a list of employees will be displayed in the table.
        3. By default, the employees displayed in the table will be selected. You can change your selection using the adjacent check box. 

          • Click Add Row, if you need to add an extra employee to the list. Search or type the appropriate Employee No. in the text box that appears just above the newly added row. Based on the Employee No. searched or entered, the corresponding Employee Name appears.
          • You can easily copy columns from an Excel file and paste them in the table.
          • Any custom field that you add while creating a letter template also appears here.
          • Click Reset All if you want to clear the complete list. After the data is cleared, click Add Row to add new employees to the list. A set of 1000 rows will be added.
  6. Click Next, and the Preview page will open. The preview of letters for all the selected employees with the actual employee data will be shown in the PDF preview
  7. Click , and the system will process to generate the letter. 

    • It is always recommended to revisit the previous steps before you click Finish. On clicking Cancel, all unsaved data are lost.
    • In case an employee is not found, then the letter cannot be generated for that employee. A message appears informing that letters cannot be generated for employees not found. However, you are still taken to the next section to publish the letter.
  8. After the letter is generated, you will be landed on Generate Letters:Summary page. From this page, you can perform the following actions:

    • Download the letter for the individual employees.

    • Send the published letters as an email attachment to employee, manager or others.

    • Publish the letters to the employee portal.

    Click Close if you do not want to publish the generated letters.

  9. Choose the appropriate option to publish the letter, and then click Publish. The Publish Letters:Summary page appears.

    The Publish Status column displays the status of the published letters.

    • —indicates that no error was encountered while publishing the letters.
    • —indicates that there lies some error for which the letter could not be published.
  10. Click Download. The published letters are downloaded in the form of a ZIP file. A pop-up appears prompting you that the letters are successfully downloaded.

To remove or customize the table headers, navigate to System Settings Advanced > Miscellaneous > Advanced Options. Now in the Section drop-down, select Letter and enable the Hide Default Header for Pay Group Items in Letter Template check box. Kindly note that you can remove or customize the table headers only for in-app customised templates.   

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