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In the General Settings group, we have a number of menu items to configure various aspects of the system.

To navigate to General settings, click Settings icon > System Settings > General.  Clicking on General displays the menu options and you can choose the required option from the given menu.  

Settings PageDescription
Company SettingsConfigure various options such as Company Name, Address, States of company branches, Time Zone, Location, Company IDs (PF, TAN, PAN, etc.), Company Logo and Signature Upload from this page. You can now update the GST No from the Company Information page.
General OptionsSystem Email Address, Contact Email Address, Logo Position, open ID authentication, Country, Time Zone and Currency.
Password OptionsPassword strength options such as length, expiry age, or max invalid login attempts.
List of Values

In a number of places, a value needs to be selected from a list of values. For example, we can have lists of Status, Relation, Blood Groups, or Project.

You can configure the various values from this page.

Bank BranchList of branches of your employee banks.
StatesList of states for each country.
Currency MappingYou can map the currency for your selected categories. For example, you can map INR as currency for Bangalore Location.