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Your quarterly eTDS cycle time is reduced and simplified with greytHR. Go to Form 24Q options in System Settings to set required parameters for this menu. The actions you can perform in this menu are:

Create Challan

  1. Click Payroll > Admin > Form24Q.
    The Form24Q page.

    You need to first lock the Payroll.

  2. In the Challans tab, Click The Add Challan button..
  3. Enter details in the challan and save it.
    Challan with details.

  4. A success message displays and you are brought back to the Challans page.
    The chalan saved successfully message.
  5. View the Challan details and allocate employees.
    The new Challan with allocated employees.

    Allocate employees in the challan whenever prompted so in the Overview tab. Note that a quarter can have multiple challans based on number of times you make payments. Click show details to view the employee list and then allocate. Note that allocation is automatic is when you adjust excess amount. You can also unallocate employees or delete a challan.

View Challan

  1. To work with an existing challan, click any challan in the Overview tab.
    The first quarter challan in the Overview tab.

    Click show details (1) to view list of unmapped employees in a spreadsheet so as to allocate them. Any excess (3) or partial (2) payment made earlier show in grids. Click here (4) to update, if required, your PAN and other entries in System Settings.

  2. If you have made excess payment, click The Inplace Edit icon. in the Adjust Amount column of excess payment to adjust with current partial payment.

  3. A message displays to indicate successful adjustment.
    The excesss amount adjusted message.

  4. The excess payment grid disappears.
    The excess amount grid disappears after adjustment.

    Note that partial payment can be done only within a Quarter but excess payment can be carried over across Quarters till adjustment is completed. Employee allocation is automatic for adjustments.

  5. Click the Challan tab to view the excess amount adjustment with same challan number as the parent challan.
    The adjust amount challan in the Challans tab.

    Partial amounts are child challans and excess amounts are parent challans. The actual excess maps to the Challan Amount column in the excess payment grid. It is equal to the sum of the IT Mapped (how much to adjust) and Excess Amount (post adjustment amount) columns. Note that only child challans can be deleted. You can also export the details to MS Excel.


Generate FVU

  1. Click the Overview tab to generate FVU for selected Quarter.
    Details for selected Quarter.

    Entry of Receipt Number (1) for previous Quarter is optional. Update Challan details (3) only if warning message (2) displays to allocate employees. Receipt Number for present Quarter (4) will be available after FVU upload.

  2. Click The Generate FVU button..

  3. Optionally, click The Help understand the FVU generation process.
    The FVU Generation Help message.

  4. A progress bar displays.
    The FVU Generation progress bar displays.
  5. On successful run, the complete set of files display.
    Successful run of FVU.

    The files download to the default folder on your machine and are as per the list in the Help message. In the case of allocation error or missing Challan, the run exits with an error. The only files that generate in the error run are Statistics Report and Zip File. Examine the files to fix errors before regenerating FVU. Access previous run history any time from the Previous Runs section.

  6. Upload the form24q.fvu file to the Income Tax portal and print and sign the Form 27(A).pdf for hard copy submission.
  7. At a later stage, if you find that a revised filing is required, a revised filing can be performed


Click here to watch the video on how to generate Form 24Q.