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greytHR is a web application to manage employee information, process payroll, and generate reports.

Features at a Glance

  • Keep track of employee information, increments, promotions, payments till date (YTD), leave records, etc.
  • Manage employee leave balances, credit, availing, etc.
  • Complete handling of payroll processing.
  • Manage PF, ESI, Profession Tax, Income Tax, and Labor Welfare.
  • Automatic deduction of salary advances, loans, Income Tax, TDS, and leave without pay.
  • Payroll processing at the click of a button.
  • Payslips printing and emailing (with password-protected PDF files).
  • Bank transfer statement (with option for spreadsheet/text file export).
  • Salary and Costing Statement by department and unit.
  • All statutory reports.
  • MIS reports.
  • Reconciliation and audit tools.
  • Excel import facility for mass data upload.

Payroll Management 

  • Any number of income components (Basic, DA, HRA, and OT).
  • Any number of deductions (PF, ESI, Income Tax, Advances, etc.)
  • Different employee types: permanent, contract, trainee, etc.
  • Different rules for different type of employees: PF eligibility, ESI eligibility, Income Tax, etc.
  • Automatic payroll processing every month once you enter employee information and salary details.
  • Handle pro-rating of salary for newly joined employees, resigned employees, and in cases of leave without pay.
  • Complete Income Tax computation, projection for future months, declarations, etc.
  • Easy Final Settlement and Arrears Management.

PF, ESI, & Profession Tax

  • Handle all requirements of PF, ESI, and Profession Tax deductions.
  • Configure the employees for whom these deductions are applicable.
  • Configure the amount amount on which PF is computed.
  • Reports include:
    • PF Monthly Returns - R1
    • PF Monthly Joinees - Form 5
    • PF Monthly Resignations - Form 10
    • PF Annual Reports - Form 3A and Form 6A
    • ESI Monthly Returns including ESI Challan
    • ESI Annual Returns - Form 6 and Form 7
    • Profession Tax Monthly Returns
    • Profession Tax Annual Returns

Income Tax

  • Handle all Income Tax requirements accurately and easily.
  • Accurate Income Tax calculation every month.
  • Digitally signed Form 16 PDF documents.
  • Income Tax returns: Form 24 and Form 24Q.
  • Print/email detailed Income Tax calculations to employees.
  • What-if analysis on Income Tax through ESS by employees.

MIS Reports

  • Payslips with information on Days Worked and Leave Days.
  • Salary Registers: ability to create your own formats.
  • Bank Transfer Statements: available for all major banks.
  • Salary Cost Statements by department and unit.
  • Payroll Differences Statement: compare previous and current month's Payroll for changes and exceptions.
  • Loan Registers and Reimbursement Registers.
  • Leave Register.

Other Payroll Features

  • Apply Overrides on any components. Stop application generated values from being considered for a Payroll.
  • Loan management: various types of loans to employees such as vehicle loan, housing loan, etc.
  • Reimbursements: keep track of limits and entitlements for reimbursements such as medical, LTA, conveyance, etc.
  • Arrears: you can process arrears for any previous period.
  • Final Settlement: easy settlement of resigned employees covering leave encashment, loan dues, etc.
  • Audit trails.

Leave Management

  • Define any number of Leave Types: PL, CL, SL, Maternity Leave, LOP, etc.
  • Extensive business rules definition capability for crediting, availing, and year-end process.
  • Credit leaves annually, monthly, or quarterly based on years in service, etc.
  • Define rules for granting leaves: clubbing, covering, based on status, etc.
  • Facility to cancel, withdraw, lapse, and comp-off credit.
  • Multi-location Holiday List.
  • Enable employees to view their Leave details and apply for Leave online.
  • Enable Managers to view the Leave details of their team members online.

Employee Self Service

  • Enable your employees to view their salary information whenever they need. Information includes:
    • Online Payslips.
    • Online Reimbursement payout information (Reimbursement Slips).
    • YTD Register (Year to date information on Income and Deductions).
    • Loans Information.
    • Income Tax calculation statement.
    • Reimbursement Statement: Entitlement, Claims, and Balances.
    • PF YTD: information on PF deductions done and employer contribution.
  • Apart from providing facilities for an employee to view own information, features are also available to automate a number of processes. These include:
    • Online Income Tax savings declarations by employees.
    • What-if analysis of Income Tax: change Rent and other parameters and verify how Income Tax will vary.
    • Apply for reimbursement claims online with approval by the Administrator and direct update in the Payroll.
    • Facility for employees to post Help Desk tickets (issues) online. Responses and resolutions can also be posted online.


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