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What is ICICI Direct Salary Transfer?

The ICICI Direct Salary Transfer feature is for customers using greytHR and ICICI Corporate Internet Banking (CIB). With this feature, you can directly disburse the employees salary from greytHR, without switching/ logging in to the ICICI CIB portal. A one time registration is required to enable the feature.

Why should I use greytHR PayNow, why not directly via ICICI portal?

The few reasons to use greytHR PayNow are:

  • Quick and instant payouts

  • No downloading of electric file transfer and uploading in the bank portal.

  • No switching between greytHR and ICICI CIB portal

  • Salary data safe from manipulation

  • Most important, it’s time saving and hassle free.

  • Safe & Secure way of Transferring employee salary

Who can use this service in greytHR?

The customers who have a CIB with ICICI can avail this feature. Clients who have view/ read access to the CIB would not be able to access the service for registration.

Who can use this feature in greytHR?

This feature can be used by greytHR customers using ICICI CIB. It is available in all the greytHR plans and enabled only for the payroll admin upon request & approval. Users who have completed the ICICI Registration can only view this feature.

I have different corporate banking accounts. Is the greytHR PayNow feature available for me?

This feature is currently available only for ICICI corporate bank users.

I use multiple ICICI bank accounts. Can I link all the accounts to greytHR?

You can link one bank account per user. Linking multiple bank accounts is currently unavailable in the current version.

To use this feature, should my employees hold ICICI bank accounts?

The employees can have any bank account but the employers should be an ICICI CIB user.

Is there any additional price to use this feature? What plan should I have or upgrade to in greytHR?

This feature is available for all the greytHR customers, free of cost. 

Are there any charges on usage?

This is a completely free service from greytHR to you. The bank will have a charge for every IMPS transaction.

ICICI Registration

How to register/ link my ICICI bank into greytHR?

To register/ link your ICICI account with greytHR, follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the Bank Transfer page and click Register from the banner. A pop-up appears.

  2.  Enter your ICICI Corp ID, ICICI User ID and your ICICI corporate account number and then click Register. A Registration Request Successful pop up appears.

  3.  In the Registration Request Successful pop up, click Proceed to ICICI Portal.
  4. Now, login to your ICICI Bank CIB (Corporate Internet Banking) Portal.

  5. In the Home page, click Pending on Me at the right top of the screen. You will be directed to the Pending on me page.
  6. Click Connected Banking Approval tab. You will see the Aggregated Name as greytHR.
  7. Read the disclaimer and click Approve. A success message is displayed.

I am not able to register with ICICI. What should I do?

The reasons could be as below:

  • Your ICICI bank CIB ID might be inactive/ dormant. In this case, you can contact our Customer Care or visit the nearest ICICI Bank branch to reactivate your Internet Banking User ID.

  • There may be few specific clients who may not have the Registration available due to their special type of account. In such cases, the client will have to provide specific request to bank in written to avail the service.

In neither of above cases, please write to for technical or operations issues of CIB or contact a phone banker at

How the registration works?

The registration is a simple two step process:

  1. Click the Register now button from the Bank transfer page, a popup appears.

  2. Enter your Corp & User id.

  3. Click Connect.

  4. Go to the ICICI portal and click Approve.

What is Self Approval?

It is the process of authorizing while registering for the feature.

What is pending for approval status?

Once you have registered successfully, the status will be pending for approval until you approve the integration in the ICICI Bank CIB (Corporate Internet Banking) Portal.

How to disconnect/ disable the services?

Currently, this service is not available. You may need to contact our support service to disable the services.

What is Pending for Approval and Successful?

Pending for Approval: After you register successfully, the request has to be authorized by the Approver (i.e. you) .

Successful: Once the registration is authorized, you’ll be successfully connected and would be able to use the services.

We have multiple payroll admins in my organization. Who can process the payroll and payout?

All the payroll admin can process the payroll and download the electronic file transfer file. Only the linked/ registered admin can transfer the employee salary directly from his/ her greytHR Application.

Can my colleague process the salary transfer in my connected banking account, on my behalf?

No matter who processes the salary, the final authentication OTP is sent to the registered mobile number.

I have done the self approval but still it shows as Pending for Approval. What do I do?

It may take 30 mins to 1 hour for the approval to reflect in your greytHR Account. hence you can check later or contact our customer support for further assistance.

How to edit my linked/ registered Corporate Account Number?

You cannot edit your linked account number, corp & user id. In order to modify the details, you may to disable the service and re-do it again

Employee Salary Transfer

How Salary Transfer works?

Here is how you can transfer the salary:

  1. Click the Initiate Salary Transfer via ICICI Bank button and click Next.
  2. Select the employee for the bank transfer and select the transaction type.
  3. Complete the OTP verification process and initiate the transaction.
  4. In case of authorizer workflow, login to your ICICI Bank CIB (Corporate Internet Banking) Portal.
  5. Click the Pending on Me notification from the Dashboard. (or) Navigate to the Transfers module from the Home page and click Pending on Me.
  6. You will be able to find the transactions Pending for Approval listed under it.
  7. Click Connected Banking Approval tab. You will see the Aggregated Name as greytHR.
  8. Read the disclaimer and click Approve. A success message is displayed.

What is OTP?

An OTP (One Time Passcode) is 6 digits security mechanism, which is received by the registered/ connected ICICI bank user, when salary transfer is initiated.

Who will receive the OTP while initiating the bank transfer feature?

The person whose mobile number is registered with the bank in greytHR, will receive the 6 digit pass code. In case if you do not receive the OTP, please check the registered mobile number in ICICI Portal is correct or please contact your bank.

Should I generate OTP for each employee transaction?

Since the salary is processed in a batch, the OTP is generated batch wise. If there are multiple employees in a batch, only one OTP is generated. If there are multiple batches, multiple OTPs are generated.

Can I reuse same OTP for multiple batches?

The OTP is valid only for a limited period of time and can be used only once, per batch. You can't generate an OTP for one batch and use it to process salary for another batch.

What are the different Transaction Types?

NEFT, IMPS, RTGS, Intra bank (i.e. ICICI to ICICI)

How does the transaction type selection works in greytHR?

Our Application automatically sets the transaction types

  • If the employee’s bank account is ICICI, then the transaction type will automatically set as Intra banking (i.e. ICICI to ICICI)

  • If the employee’s salary is more than 2 lakhs and any bank account then the transaction type will automatically set as RTGS

  • If the employee’s salary is less than 2 lakhs and and any bank account then the transaction type will automatically set as NEFT/ IMPS* (*if user has selected IMPS)

I initiated the transaction but the status still shows In progress. What would be the reason?

The reasons be as below:

  • If the transactions were made within the banking hours, the status would take upto 30 mins to 1 hour.

  • If the transaction was initiated with the authorizer flow, the transaction and status depends on the authorizer approval.

  • If the transaction was initiated in non-banking hours, the status would update in the next banking hours.

How long will it take for the salary transfer to process?

The salary transfer depends on various parameters like bank working hours, approval workflow, connectivity issues and type of transfer initiated.

I initiated the transfer by mistake. Can I revert or cancel the transaction?

Once the transaction is initiated, it cannot be cancelled from greytHR. If you have authorizer workflow in ICICI, then login to ICICI bank portal and reject the transaction.

What is the difference between Employer Transfer and Employee Transfer?

Employer Transfer: This transfer does not group employees by employee’s bank. Irrespective of employee’s bank, all the employees put into the same group for the salary transfer.

Employee Transfer: This transfer generates bank wise grouping. This groups employees based on the employee’s bank

I have enabled Direct Salary Transfer, can I still use download electronic file transfer?

You can still download the electronic file transfer and use the manual method of transferring salary.

What does the below status’ mean?




In-queue (Transaction is in queue)


Transaction is submitted to the ICICI Bank server. If the response is successful from ICICI irrespective of Synchronous/ Asynchronous.

In case of failure response, the response will be failure with remarks


If the callback returns success response (Amount got debited & credited to the employee bank account)


If the callback returns Failure response (Amount got debited & Failed to credit in employee bank account)

Why is the Salary Transfer failing?

The reason for the failure would be listed in the Remarks section. However, you can still contact the bank for further details.

My bank transfer status is Pending from a long time. What could be the reason?

One reason could be that the authorizer might have not approved the transaction or the other reasons could be as follows:

  • If the transactions were made within the banking hours, the status would take upto 30 mins to 1 hour.

  • If the transaction was initiated with the authorizer flow, the transaction and status depends on the authorizer approval.

  • If the transaction was initiated in non-banking hours, the status would update in the next banking hours.


Are there any transaction charges while using greytHR ICICI Bank Transfer?

The service is absolutely free for greytHR users. However, there may be regular banking charges applied. Suggest you to contact the bank for further details.

NEFT, RTGS &  Intra Banking (i.e ICICI to ICICI) is absolutely at zero cost.

In case of IMPS Charges following charges bank

0 to 10K @ Rs 3.5 per txn

10K to 100k: @ Re 5 per txn

100k & above @Re 15 per txn

Can I transfer salary/ funds outside India?

The salary transfers are restricted within India only.

What are the bank timings?

NEFT:  8:00 AM to 6:30 PM (Monday to Saturday)

RTGS: 8:15 AM to 4:15 PM (Monday to Saturday)

(Except 2nd and 4th Saturday)

What is Approver/ authorizer workflow in Transaction?

ICICI supports multi-level approvals for completing a transaction. Workflow is specified in ICICI CIB portal. The transaction will be processed once it has been approved by the final approver.

Is there any transaction limit for transaction types?

RTGS: Minimum of 2 Lakhs/ transaction

IMPS:  Maximum of 2 lakhs/ transaction

NEFT: Any amount

Is there any transaction limit?

In ICICI Workflow, the fund transfer amount limit can be specified for each of your debit accounts. Please contact your bank for more information.

Money is debited from my corporate account but its failed in crediting

In case of failure of transactions already debited, there shall be manual credit back to the client account. However, the CIB will continue to show the status as success.

Please contact ICICI for further support.

To whom should we connect regarding ICICI related queries?

You can write to for technical or operations related issues of CIB or contact a phone banker at

Do you need to share ICICI password in greytHR App?

We do not ask you for any sensitive data like your ICICI password.

 Will changing the ICICI CIB password affect my registration? Do I need to registration again?

Changing the password in ICICI CIB portal will not affect greytHR ICICI registration.


How secure is my banking related data?

Be rest assured as we don’t save your bank data such as OTP, Bank password, User Mobile number, etc. All the data is encrypted and stored.

How secure is the greythR system?

Our Application is highly secured, all the communication to Bank server follows strict banking protocol.

Who can initiate transaction?

The Admin who can access the direct salary transfer feature, can initiate the transaction with an OTP.

How do you authorize the user to initiate the transaction?

After the transaction is initiated, a message containing the OTP is sent to the authorized person/ registered mobile number. Post entering the OTP in the application, the transaction is processed and salaries are disbursed.

How long the user access logs is stored in the system?

3 months. We do not log sensitive data such as banking and personal data, we store user activities purely for the audit purpose such as who consumed, what services were accessed and what changes have been made.

General/ Implementation related

What are the mandatory fields for an employee to do the direct bank transfer?

Account Number, Payee name, IFSC Code

What are all mandatory fields for employer to use the direct bank transfer feature?

Employer Bank Account number, ICICI Corporate ID and ICICI User ID

How the system handles employee resignation?

Upon deleting the CIB user id in ICICI CIB portal, the user registration will also expire. If the greytHR registration link is expired, that user cannot initiate the bank transaction.

Does the service work for multi company setup?

The service is restriced for a single company setup.


Can I do partial payment to my employee?

In the current version partial payouts are not allowed.

I have mistakenly initiated the transaction without realizing the issue. Can I correct and re-initiate the transaction?

Once the transaction is initiated, it cannot be cancelled.

Can I do salary transfer the before payroll cycle?

You cannot do salary transfer before the payroll cycle.

Can I transfer salary without locking the payroll?

We recommend you to lock the payroll inputs before you initiate salary transfer.

Can I reimburse the employee expenses via the bank transfer feature?

You can reimburse the employee expenses via the bank transfer feature. However, it has to be configured for your account.

Currently our payroll is processed by third party agencies, can I share the my details?

We strongly recommend you do not share any of your banking details to a third party, even though you may have authorizer workflow.



Corporate Internet Banking

Call back URL

Single call back URL for both registration and transaction


Unique Registration Number – which gHR need to generate for every gHR customer during registration


Unique ID- which gHR need to generate for every gHR customer’s transaction


ICICI will return reference ID for every bank transaction


Employee Bank Account


Employer Bank Account


Aggregator name provided by ICICI to gHR App


Aggregator ID provided by ICICI to gHR App

Transaction Type



Secured pass code

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