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What is Employee Onboarding?

Employee Onboarding is a simple process used to collect the personal information, qualification, previous employment of the newly joined employees. The HR/Admin has to send an invite to the employees fusing which they can fill in their information. Post filling, the information has to be submitted to the HR/Admin.

Who can use Employee Onboarding in greytHR?

The HR/Admin, while adding newly joined employees, can allow them to fill in their details that later appear in the Employee Information (upon acceptation). The access enabled employees get a link from which they can start the onboarding process and submit it back to the HR/Admin.

How can the HR/Admin enable Employee Onboarding in greytHR?

This feature is auto enabled and requires no extra setting or enabling. However, to get early access to Employee Onboarding, reach out to our Customer Success team  at

How does employee onboarding work?

It’s pretty simple! While adding a new employee, the HR/Admin has to enable the Allow this employee to fill in their information check box and complete the add employee process. The employee will receive a mail with a link to set the ESS password. After the password is set, they would be redirected to the Employee Onboarding page from where they can enter their details and submit the information for review. The employee can also log out and log in at anytime while filling the sections. The details would be saved and restored once the employee logs in again. They will land on the same page from where they left.

What happens after an employee sets their ESS password?

Once the employee sets their ESS password, the Employee Onboarding page appears. They can upload their picture and start filling the sections.

How secure are the details that are submitted by the employees?

It’s safe as the details are received only by the HR/Admin and the process is system to system.

How can the HR/Admin track the details submitted by an employee?

The data submitted by an employee will appear in the Workflow > Review > Employee Onboarding page and is easily trackable.

How easy is it for the employee to complete the onboarding process?

The Employee Onboarding is very simple yet efficient tool to collect employee information.

  • You can logout and login anytime and land on the section that you left.

  • Validation error messages are instant and guide you

  • You can switch to any section with just one click.

How can the HR/Admin verify the onboarding data submitted by multiple employees?

The HR/Admin has to navigate to Workflow > Review > Employee Onboarding and click Verify on/ for each submission. The verification has to be done one by one for each employee, for accuracy of the submitted details.

Can the employee access ESS before submitting the data?    

The employee will have to submit the data first and only after that would be able to access ESS.

The employee did not receive any mail after HR/Admin added them. What went wrong?

Umm, maybe the HR/Admin forgot to enable the Allow this employee to fill in their information check box, while adding the employee. If the checkbox was enabled but the mail is still not sent, check for the connectivity or contact support.

Why should an employee complete the onboarding form?

Well, we give you this liberty in order to avoid any errors in your information. With that,

  • Onboarding ensures that all your information is accurately collected

  • Ensures compliance

  • Creates a connect for you in the company to ensure you have a point of contact (HR/Admin or manager)

When will the employee’s data be approved?

Once the admin verifies your details and attachments, and finds no discrepancies, the data would be approved.

How will the HR/Admin get to know that an employee has completed the onboarding?

The HR/Admin will receive an email once the employee submits the data. Once the HR/Admin gets a notification, they can navigate to Workflow > Review > Employee Onboarding and click Verify.

How can an HR/Admin approve/ reject the data?

  1. Navigate to Workflow > Review > Employee Onboarding page.

  2. Select the employee you want to verify and click Verify button. The details appear with accept and reject buttons for every section.

  3. Click Accept or Reject based on the verification. You can view or download proofs attached by employees to verify the data.

  4. Click Submit. The details get updated in the Employee Information.

Why could be the reason for an employee's details to be rejected?

The most common reason for rejection could be the mismatch in the details submitted. However, you can contact your HR/Admin for further details.

How can the HR/Admin provide an employee the onboarding access?

While adding an employee, you have to enable the Allow this employee to fill in their information check box. This will send a link to the employee from which have to set the ESS password and then they will be redirected to the onboarding page.

How does the employee receive the ESS access?

The employee will receive a mail with a link to set the ESS password. After the password is set, they would be redirected to the Employee Onboarding page.

How does an employee set their ESS password?

The employee will receive a mail with a link to set the ESS password. Upon clicking the link, they would first set the password and start their onboarding journey.

How can the employee upload/ change the profile picture?

The employee can upload/ change the profile picture from the landing page or from the employee card, in the wizard.

What is the Employee Card?

An employee card is displayed in the wizard and contains the employee’s details like employee number, designation, location, point of contact and department.

What sections does the employee have to fill?

The employee has to fill in all the sections of the wizard.

Can employees switch between different sections in the wizard?

Definitely! The employees can move between the sections without completing the latter ones.

What documents can an employee upload/ attach?

The employee can upload documents like address proof, academic certificates, previous salary slip or relieving letter and so on.

In what format and file size can the documents be attached?

The documents can be attached in the form of pdf, doc, docx, jpeg and png. The file size can be 10MB each and multiple files (max 100MB) can be attached.

What actions can the employee perform from the attachments page?

The employee can add, preview and delete the documents from the attachments page. However, the HR/Admin can only preview and download the attachments.

Can an employee see a summary of the entered details before submitting the data?

The summary will appear before submitting the details. The employee can view the summary before submitting the details.

What is summary and what actions can the employee perform?

Summary is a consolidated copy of the details that appear before submitting. If you feel some information is not right or needs to be changed, click the Edit Form button which will take you back to the first section of the wizard.

How will the HR/Admin get to know that the employee has submitted their details?

Relax! The HR/Admin receive an email notification, once the details are submitted.

When do the details appear in the Employee Onboarding page?

After the employee submits the details, the HR/Admin can view the form in the Workflow > Review > Employee Onboarding page.

What actions can HR/Admin perform from the Employee Onboarding Verify page?

The HR/Admin can only view the submitted details and download the attachments to verify the details. Also, you can accept or reject the details.

How can the HR/Admin verify the details of the employee?

Once the HR/Admin receives the details, navigate to Workflow > Review > Employee Onboarding page. From the employee onboarding page, you can verify the data submitted by an employee and Accept or Reject the details, based on the analysis.

How to see attachments, approved and rejected details?

All the information will get updated to Employee Information when you successfully submit

What happens when the employee submits the details?

Post submission, the details go to the HR/Admin for review. After the HR/Admin accepts, your data will be updated in the ESS portal, under Employee Information page.

How do the employee go back to a previous section?

The employee can use the Back button or click any of the section that you want to go back to.

What happens if the employee go back without submitting?

The data is saved and secure with us. The employee will start from where you stopped the last time.

Does the HR/Admin needs to generate a password for the employee separately? 

The password is auto generated by the system. Once the Allow this employee to fill in their information check box is enabled while adding the employee, the password link will automatically be shared with the auto generated password.

Can an employee reset his password and partially update the details, later log off and update the details later? Is there a time limit to update and submit the details to the HR?

As of now there is no time limit to submit the onboarding details. But the shared password link will expire as per the configured settings for Password Expiry Limit in System Settings, after it's received by the employee.

Can the HR/Admin save all the photos, Aadhaar card, PAN, cancelled cheques or passbook attached by the employee from this feature?

Of course! Post verification of the details submitted by the employee, the HR/Admin can download the details. Also, the approved data will be available in the Employee Information and the documents will be available in the employee Documents of the ESS.

What is the use of the Remarks section? Will the employee be able to view the remarks?

You can add remarks especially when the details are rejected and can be referred any time in the future. The employee will not be able to view  the remarks when their details are rejected.

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