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Why should I do this?

As per the latest Employees’ Provident Fund Organization directive, bank account and Aadhaar details have been made mandatory for filing PF returns.

What role do Aadhaar and bank account details play in filing PF returns?

The Aadhaar and bank account details serve as employee identity for PF related KYC updating process.

Will submitting bank account details impact current bank payments or transactions?

No. It will not impact any mode of bank transactions or payments. Aadhaar and bank account details are required for employee identification purpose only.

How does greytHR’s Data Drive functionality help?

greytHR’s Data Drive feature tracks related data and helps the Admin to initiate a notification via SMS and Email to the employees, who have not submitted their Aadhaar and bank account details. Also a pop-up appears on the selected employees’ ESS screens which allows them to update the required information which goes through review from admin for final updating process.

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