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What is a greytHR Starter Plan Account?

We are offering a basic version of our greytHR product for FREE. The Starter Plan account is packed with features that help you simplify your payroll and HR processes. Your greytHR account is free for life, which means you can use it for many, many years. It's exactly like using a free Gmail account for email.

Why are you offering the greytHR Starter Plan Account?

Our mission is to help SMEs unleash their ambition through better systems and a better employee experience. Many businesses today are working in a sub-optimal way and relying on Excel spreadsheets. We can do better with greytHR.

Over the past decade, greytHR has evolved into a scalable and robust HR platform with lots of functionality. We have only 9,000 companies benefiting from it, and we think it should help at least a lakh SMEs in India.

We are giving away the necessary features for free because it helps you eliminate your Excel sheets and get a sound system in place without worrying about the cost. Hopefully, it sets the stage for you to unlock even more value with our paid offerings.

What are the features available in greytHR’s Starter Plan Account?

greytHR offers features covering the most important areas of the HR and payroll domain. You will have basic access to the following features in the Starter Plan Account:

  • Employee Database 
  • Employee Onboarding 
  • Payroll Management 
  • Leave Management 
  • Attendance Management 
  • Tasks and Checklists 
  • Employee Self Service (Web and mobile application) 

 Please refer to our comparison page for complete details, including limits and exclusions for the Starter plan.

What are the missing features in the greytHR Starter Plan Account?

Our Starter plan account is ten times better than not having any system in place and using Excel spreadsheets. Our paid accounts are ten times better than our Starter Plan account.

Each of our modules consists of basic and advanced features that vary across different pricing plans. The paid plans usually include additional modules and add-ons, power features, reporting and analytics, premium support offerings, premium backup and data services, and more. Please refer to our comparison page for complete details on what you will additionally get in the paid plans.

Is my data safe with greytHR?

The security of your data is our foremost priority. We utilize a range of security and encryption techniques to ensure that your data is secure. To know more about the security measures taken by us, read our Privacy policy.

We are in business for a decade and have a stellar record of zero data breaches so far. We follow world-class security best practices. We have many enterprise customers, including Fortune 500 companies and Big-4 consulting firms, who would never consider us without a strong security posture. We offer the same world-class infrastructure (on Amazon & Google Data Centers) and services for our Starter Plan accounts also.

What is the free period of a greytHR Starter Plan Account?

For a lifetime! You don't have to stop using our product as there is no time restriction for Starter Plan Accounts.

What type of support/help system is available for Starter Plan Account?

greytHR is a simple and easy system to use and requires minimal support. On top of that, we have several support options in place:

  • Live Training sessions
  • Extensive help and guides are available from within the app.
  • A comprehensive knowledge base 
  • Engaging community forums
  • Paid onboarding support
  • Paid support

Of course, with our paid plans, you get our premium support.

What are the benefits of upgrading to paid plans?

Here are some high-level benefits of upgrading to our paid plans:

  • You get even more productivity gains and automation. Unlock advanced features in the paid plans.
  • Many add-ons and modules like asset management, expense claims, etc. are available only in paid plans.
  • Premium same-business-day support and access to our ticketing system are available.
  • You get continuous data backups for point-in-time-recovery (PITR). Daily backup is available for Starter plans.
  • Data restore services.
  • You get enterprise features like user & permission management, SSO, SAML integration, API access, etc.

Can I upgrade to a paid plan?

Absolutely. We would be delighted if you upgraded to a paid plan and help support our mission!

Is there any size restriction on the database?

Yes, there is a 250MB database size limit. However, it’s more than sufficient for everyday use by a small business based on our experience.

What can lead to the deactivation of my Starter Plan account?

Your account will get deactivated and subsequently deleted in the following situations:

  • The account is inactive for more than three months. So, ensure you are regularly using your account.
  • You request us to deactivate the account.
  • There is a breach of our terms of service.

What does 13-month payroll history mean?

Your greytHR Starter Plan account is free for life, and you can process payroll for your business for many, many years. However, you can get information and reports for only the past 13 months. You will not have access to data for earlier months.

Of course, you can download detailed payroll data and salary statements for each of the months on your local system and ensure access to all historical data.

In the paid plans, such a restriction does not exist.

What are the attendance features available in the Starter plan?

You can use the web-based attendance marking and Mobile Manual Sign-In features. These are convenient tools to capture employee attendance for the Starter Plan.

Features such as Geo-Fencing, Geo-Tagging, Face Recognition Kiosk, and Integration with biometric/ access card/ face recognition devices are available only in our paid plans.

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