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What are the tools/editors that I can use for content creation?

Microsoft Word and LibreOffice. LibreOffice is one of the recommended and widely used tools to preserve the styling, alignments, colours, fonts etc.

What are the formats that can be used in uploading a letter template?

The acceptable formats are Docx and ODT Formats.

Why are empty spaces found in the generated letter?

You may have inserted some field definitions in the letter template. You need to make sure that the values/information are added for inserted field definitions.

Can I upload authorized signatory images in greytHR?

Yes. You can configure authorized signatory, and upload the signature images.
To know more about authorized signatory images, click here

Can I use the signature image in the letter templates?

Yes. You can paste your signature image in the letter template. Upload the letter template which is added with your signature image. Now, generate the letter template to see your signature image in the generated letter.

Can we enable password protection for the letters?

At the time of letter template creation, you have an option to choose regarding the activation of password protection. If you wish to enable password protection, select the checkbox labelled as Password Protection for Letter Attachments, and finish the configuration.

How can I configure the password policy?

Navigate to System Settings > Employee > Employee Options, and here you can configure the password policy.
You can learn more about password policy from our knowledge base.

What are the fonts family supported by greytHR?

The supported fonts families are listed below:

General Font Family:

  • fonts-opensymbol
  • fonts-dejavu
  • fonts-dejavu-core
  • fonts-dejavu-extra
  • fonts-noto
  • fonts-dustin
  • fonts-f500
  • fonts-fanwood
  • fonts-freefont-ttf
  • fonts-liberation
  • fonts-lmodern
  • fonts-lyx
  • fonts-sil-gentium
  • fonts-texgyre
  • fonts-tlwg-purisa
  • bookman-old-style

LibreOffice Support:

  • Caladea
  • Carlito
  • DejaVu Sans
  • DejaVu Sans Condensed
  • DejaVu Sans Mono
  • DejaVu Serif
  • DejaVu Serif Condensed
  • Gentium Basic
  • Gentium Book Basic 
  • Liberation Mono 
  • Liberation Sans
  • Liberation Sans Narrow
  • Liberation Serif
  • Linux Biolinum G
  • Linux Libertine Display G
  • Linux Libertine G
  • OpenSymbol
  • Noto Sans 

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