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The Excel Import allows you to upload data in bulk using various Excel sheets.You can upload data such as employee information, holiday list, arrears details, IT declaration, final settlement details, bulk salary overrides and so on.

To upload data in bulk, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Employee > Admin > Excel Import or go to Actions > Employee > Import Data From Excel.The Excel Import Log page appears.
    Figure 1: Viewing the Excel Import page
  2. Click Import From Excel. The Excel Importer page appears.

  3. In the Importer Type field, choose an option from the drop-down list.

    Figure 2: Choosing an Export Importer type
  4. A new section appears with a link to download a sample file. Refer the downloaded sample file to create the excel file that you want to upload.

    The file that you upload, must have data in the same format and order as mentioned in the sample file.

  5. Click Upload File and select the appropriate excel file from your directory. The uploaded file appears in place of the Upload File button. Click The Recycle Bin icon appearing adjacent to the uploaded file if you want to cancel the selection and choose another file.

  6. Click Next. The Excel Importer Mapping section appears.

  7. For the fields appearing under the Fields From Excel column, select the corresponding field under the Mapped To column.

  8. Click Next. The Excel Importer Validate section appears displaying the message, No new master found. Please click next to see the import result.  This message implies that imported values map to system-defined values.

  9. Click Next. The Excel Importer page appears displaying a log of the actions performed. This page also displays the associated errors.
  10.  Click OK. The salary information of employees are successfully imported.

You can also delete the imported file using the icon. The delete option is available only for certain files for now. After the importer is deleted, the delete icon is replaced by an info  icon which will display the date and by whom the importer was deleted.

Watch the video on how to upload data in bulk using various Excel Import below:

Bulk Data Upload.mp4

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