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Rules to Format

To ensure an error-free upload, format the Excel file before you upload it to greytHR. This applies to both the sample you may download from the system and modify or a file of your choice. To format, apply the following rules:

FieldFormatting rule
  • The column names should be unique.
  • All columns should have values and those without values should be marked zero.
  • You can use special characters in any column but not formulae.
  • Emp ID column: should be present and have value as Text without spaces.
RowThere should not be any empty row at the beginning of the worksheet. The first row of the template should be the header row.
DateEnsure that date values are dd-MMM-yy.
TextEnsure that text values are Text.
Negative ValuesDo not enter negative values in the Deduction column because the deduction will automatically subtract in the application. However, the year-end adjustments can have negative values.

Format a Column as Text

  1. Copy the desired worksheet into a new worksheet. 
  2. Select Data > Text to Columns > Select Delimited.
  3. Click Next till Step 3
  4. In Step 3, select the Text option button.
  5. Click Finish to complete the formatting.




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