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You can push notifications to various users of greytHR before, on, or after an event. You can select a combination of trigger periods and channels. Apply filters to send to required employees.

  1. Go to System Settings > Miscellaneous > Event Notification.
    The Event Notification page displays.
  2. Click The Add Notification button..
  3. Select the module or category of event, event type, and receiver as follows:
    The Add Event Notification page displays.

    If receiver is EMPLOYEE_USER then you need to select the individual employee.

  4. Select the time of sending the notification as before, on, or after the event.

    If notification is to be sent before event date then set the number of days ahead of which the notification is to be sent and repeated (1). Also, click required channel and select the Enable <channel> check box (2) to indicate preferred channel and enable its template.

  5. The text editor opens and you can make changes to default text or compose your own.

    You can also compose your own template. Click the Restore button. to restore the default template.

  6. When you select multiple notifications, they display one below the other as follows:
    Selection of multiple notifications.

  7. Select required employee filter.

    By default, notification is sent to all employees unless receiver type is EMPLOYEE_USER. For the Mail event type, you can select the specific sender and CC list.

  8. Click The Save Settings button..

  9. A success message displays:
    The add notification success message displays.

  10. The new notification displays in the Event Notification page as follows:
    The new notification displays in the Event Notification page.

    You can enable/pause, edit, or delete the notification.

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