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Provision to upload employee photos in bulk

To display the Bulk Photo Upload option, select it from System > User Administration > User Roles > Administration. Next, go to Employee > Admin > Bulk Photo Upload (advanced).
The Bulk Photo Upload option in Employee.

Select a category and then click The Upload Zip File button.. The wizard guides you to upload the zip file of photos and associate each photo to required employee as follows:
The Associate step of the Bulk Photo Upload wizard.

Note that there is no restriction on file size of individual photos.

Added the Residential-Status field in Employee Profile and Excel Import to address the rule of Non Resident Indian employees not eligible for Rebate u/s 87A(Rs 2000)

The Personal Information section in the Employee Profile page now has Residential Status field. You can select the employee' status as Indian or Non Resident Indian. Based on your selection, the required IT calculation will happen. An Indian national earning between 2.5-5 lacs is eligible for rebate u/s 87A but this rebate is not applicable to the Non Resident Indian. The calculation reflects in the IT statement accessed through the Salary menu. The status field is available in the Basic Employee Information template as well if you opt to import employee details.

Added new Data Source provider for Employee's bank details

The details in the Bank Account section of Employee > Information > Bank/PF/ESI Accounts can now be inserted as data fields in a letter template. To do so, go to  Employee > Setup > Letter Template. Create/edit a template. In the Content page of the Letter Template wizard, select Employee Bank Info from the Data Source drop-down list. Next, select the fields of your choice, such as {bankaccountno}, to insert in the template. Once you generate a letter based on this template, the fields will be replaced by appropriate values based on selected employee.

Added new Data Source provider for Authorized Signature

In System Settings > Letter > Letter Authorized Signatory, click The Add Signatory button.. Enter details in the Add Letter Authorized Signatory page including uploading the signature image file. Save your changes and go to Employee > Setup > Letter Template. Create/edit a template. In the Content page of the Letter Template wizard, insert the ${signatorySign} field at the appropriate place. When you create a letter, this field will be replaced by the signature file uploaded in System Settings.