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HR or Admin departments are responsible for collecting, verifying, storing, updating and maintaining different employee information. This information is required for internal MIS as well as statutory compliance and various audits by government agencies. HR needs to maintain a list of current and past employees. Transfer, promotions, increments, etc. and the same needs to be updated. All physical and scanned documents of employees are to be stored and maintained.

greytHR  helps you keep a track on various categories of employee information. The various categories of information that can be managed are as follows:

Employee Information CategoryDescription
Basic InfoCaptures basic information of an employee such as name, date of birth, phone, email and PAN.
Qualification DetailsAll qualification details of an employee.
Joining DetailsJoining date, probation period, confirmation date, etc.
Bank DetailsBank name, account number, salary payment mode (such as cash, cheque or bank transfer).
PFPF and ESI details pertaining to the employee.
AddressPresent contact address and permanent address of an employee.
Resignation DetailsResignation status, reason, settlement date, leaving date, etc.
Career HistoryTrack complete history of an employee related to various designations, departments, locations and grades of the employee along with time period for each position.
AssetsTrack Laptops, Mobiles, SIM, Vehicles, etc, given to an employee so as to take them back when employee resigns. The information is also required for audit by Finance.



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