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You can customize the fields that display in Employee Directory and My Team in Employee Portal as per the requirements of your team or the policy of your organization. The customization is done from greytHR.

  1. Go to System > User Administration > User Roles > Administration to select Employee Directory Config.
  2. Next, go to System Settings > Employee > Employee Directory Config.
    The Employee DIrectory Config page displays.

    Ensure that Team Info is selected as well in User Administration under EmpInfo Items.

  3. Click the Employee Directory or My Team Directory tab as per your requirement.
  4. Select or clear the required fields from the chosen tab.
    The Employee Directory tab of the Employee Directory Config page displays.

    The selected field will display in Employee Portal only if their is a corresponding value in Employee > Employee Information > Employee Profile. As you select or clear selection (1) and (2), the fields preview on the right (A) and (B).

  5. To rearrange fields within a category, click a field and drag it new location and then drop it.

    Note that the color of the field changes and the mouse cursor changes to a cross hair cursor as shown.

  6. Save your changes.
  7. The selected fields display in the Employee Portal > Directory > Employee tab as follows:
    The Everyone tab in Directory of Employee Portal displays selected information.