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Employees need to be informed of various activities and updates on the company. HR should ensure that this information is made known to the employees. The areas they need to be informed about are the various policies, rules, and regulations of the company. Examples of Policy documents are Leave, Attendance, Travel, Dress Code, etc.

Employees may do various transactions such as applying for a loan, approval to travel, etc. For this, they need various forms and templates, which HR is responsible for maintaining and making accessible.

Employees will request various letters such as Address Proof or Salary Certificate, which too HR would need to provide.

HR needs to ensure that employees have a good work environment. This will be in terms of cleanliness, temperature, rest rooms, cafeteria, etc. HR is generally responsible for these items. They need to ensure that any employee issues that arise in these areas are addressed by them or the relevant people.

HR needs to be a point of contact for other employee requests such as visiting cards, stationery, etc. They will need to ensure that these are made available to the employees whenever they need them.

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