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As an Administrator, you can use this delete feature of greytHR to easily remove data from the system for employees with:

  • Duplicate record
  • Incorrect record
  • Payroll not processed for more than a month

Do not use this feature to delete details of an employee who has resigned or whose Payroll has been processed.

  1. In the Actions tab, click Delete Employee.
    The Delete Employee menu in the Actions tab.
  2. In the Delete Employee page, select the employee to be deleted from greytHR.
    The Delete Employee page.

    You cannot delete referred employees. Deleted employee records will not come up in any list or search of greytHR so proceed with caution.

  3. Click The Delete button..

  4. Click Confirm in the Delete Employee confirmation message box.
     The Delete Employee confirmation message box.

  5. A success message displays.
    Employee deleted success message.

  6. You are brought back to the Actions tab.

Learn more about the process by watching the video here.