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The need for critical employee information to be Available-Authenticated-Fresh (AAF) is very important for quality assurance, statutory compliance and good decision making. This is often a key responsibility of HR administrators. For example, for KYE (know your employee) purposes, organizations need to collect and verify key identification information, such as Aadhaar card details, bank account information and so on.

This process of data collection, is a two-step process:

  1. First, we need to know the employees for whom this information is not available or those employees for whom it’s not verified.

  2. Next, gather the necessary data and authenticate it.

greytHR provides handy tools to address this challenge through the Data Drive feature. Using this campaign or drive, employers can collect and verify certain critical employee information. The various steps involved in any such drive, can be detailed as follows:

  1. Identify and select employees for whom data is either missing or not verified.

  2. Inform employees and initiate a data collection program (drive) through the Employee Portal.

  3. Track and monitor the status of the drive.

  4. Send reminders to employees who have not yet submitted their information.

  5. Review submitted data by either approving or rejecting it.

  6. Employees need to resubmit information that is rejected.

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