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The Attendance Scheme page appears when you click Attendance Scheme under the Attendance settings group. From this page, you can create Attendance Schemes and then map them to your employees. If an Attendance Scheme is already created, you can also see that from this screen. The existing Attendance Schemes appear with the scheme name and the icon of the actions that you can perform on them.

Figure 1: Viewing the Attendance Scheme Page

Perform the following steps to create an Attendance Scheme.

  1. Click + Add Attendance Scheme. The Add Attendance Scheme page appears.

    Figure 2: Creating an Attendance Scheme

  2. Type the name for the Attendance Scheme in the Scheme Name text box.
  3. In the Shift Rotation Policy field, select the appropriate Shift Rotation Policy from the drop-down list.
  4. In the Weekend Policy field, select the appropriate Weekend Policy from the drop-down list. The Edit Weekend Policy icon () appears beside the chosen Weekend Policy. Click on the edit icon to further modify the Weekend Policy that you have chosen.
  5. In the Actual Hour Computation field, select the logic for computing the actual hours.
  6. In the Attendance Policy field, select the appropriate Attendance Policy from the drop-down list.
  7. In the Employee Filter field, select one of already created filters, from the drop-down list. Click the  Add New Filter icon to create a new Employee Filter. To know more about creating Employee Filter, refer Create an Employee Filter.
  8. Click Save. A message is displayed informing that the Attendance Scheme is created. The scheme is then assigned to the selected employees according to the chosen filter.

The created Attendance Scheme now appears on the Attendance Scheme page. Click the  Edit Scheme Info icon () to modify the details of an existing shift.

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