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greytHR enables you to create various letter templates that are relevant to your company's needs. In the Template Gallery, there are ready-made templates that you can use. Select the one that best suits your requirement. You can edit the ready-made templates according to your needs. You can also start with a blank template and create the content as per your requirements.

To generate an Employment Letter, it is mandatory to create the letter template.  

Perform the following actions to prepare a new letter template:

  1. Navigate to Employee > Setup > Letter Template
  2. Click The New Leter Template button . The Letter Template page appears with a set of wizard that helps in creating the letter template.
  3. In the General section, type a name for the letter in the Title field. Later, you can use the same name to find out this template under Letter Template tab.
    Figure 1: Viewing Letter Template Page

    Select the Enabled checkbox to display this letter template under Employee > Admin > Prepare a Letter wizard.

    1. Select a value from the Letter Number Series drop-down list. To further customize your value, click the  Add a Letter Number Series icon [The Add icon] and type the required values to create your value string.

      Figure 2: Adding Letter Number Series

    2. Choose an appropriate template from the Mail Template drop-down list.

    3. In the Custom Field section, type values if you require a new field in the letter, such as an employee's CTC, Grade or Location

  4. Click Next. In Upload Template step, you can upload your customized template document. Click  and select the required template file from your local directory. 

    • You must ensure data fields in your customized template document is exactly as mentioned in the letter template data sources file. It is always recommended to download the letter template data sources file where instructions are detailed for efficient and error-free customization of your letter template. 
    • In case of any error, download the error report. The errors will be listed out in the error report. Correct the listed errors in your customized template document and re-upload the document.

  5. Click Finish. The new letter appears on the Letter Template page.

  • You can download [], edit [] or delete [] the template using the appropriate icons.
  • The letter also appears under Employee > Admin > Generate Letter > Prepare a Letter.

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