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greytHR enables you to easily create and store various HR Policy documents and commonly used forms such as Employee Handbook, Leave Policy, or travel forms. You can also push these documents to all or a subset of employees in Employee Portal.

  1. Go to Employee > Setup > HR Forms. You can view policies and forms shared with employees.
  2. Click The Add Form button to add a new HR form. 

    To directly perform this action, go to Actions > Employee tab > Other Actions > Upload forms/ Policies.

  3. In the Add Form page, enter a serial number in Serial such as G002.
  4. Select a form category from the Category drop-down list.
  5. Enter a description of the form in Description such as Leave Encashment Form.
  6. Click The Upload File button and select the required file from your directory. After upload, the filename displays as follows:
    The filename displays in the Upload File button
  7. Filtering is an optional step. 

      1. To create your own filters and save them for reuse and edits, click The Add icon.
      2. Use any one of the tabs to create filters as follows:
        The Quick tab
        The Quick tab in the Employee Filter dialog box
        The Custom tab
        The Custom tab in the Employee Filter dialog box
      3. You can save filters for reuse and edits. A shared filter displays for all users of the Administrator Portal.

        Filter employees who will receive this form. By default, the form is sent to all employees.

  8. Select Share with employee during onboarding checkbox to share this form with new employees during their onboarding process. If you enable the checkbox, a newly joining employee can view this form as a reference form in Employee onboarding page.  
  9. If you select Share with employee during onboarding checkbox, you will see a new checkbox as Allow the employee to fill and submit this form. Enabling this checkbox allows your newly joining employee to fill and submit this form during their onboarding process. If you want to communicate any guidance to the newly joining employee, enter your message in Instructions textbox. 
  10. Your entries in the Add Form page now display as follows:

  11. Click The Save button to save your new form.

  12. greytHR displays a confirmation message.
    Confirmation message on adding a form 

  13. The HR Forms table displays with the new form as follows: