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You can connect to QuickBooks Online to post Payroll Journal Voucher. The user interactions are:

Connect to QuickBooks Online

Below are the steps that guide you to connect to QuickBooks Online using greytHR:

  1. Navigate to Payroll > Main > Overview and select the payroll month you want to lock.

  2. Click the Lock button adjacent to Payroll.
    Figure 1: Locking the payroll month

  3. Now, go to the Home page and click on the Dashboard tab. From the QuickBooks Online widget, click . A new sign-in window appears.
    Figure 2: Viewing the QuickBooks online tab
  4. In the sign in window, enter your QuickBooks Online credentials.and then authorize the connection between greytHR and QuickBooks Online.
    Figure 3: Viewing the QuickBooks Sigh-in page

Post JV to QuickBooks Online

You can post the JV to QuickBooks Online by performing the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Payroll > Payout > JV - QuickBooks Online.
    Figure 4: Navigating to the QuickBooks Online JV page

    Once you connect to QuickBooks Online, the menu name changes from Accounts JV Export to JV - QuickBooks Online.

  2. From the drop-down, select QuickBooks Default Template and click the Generate Journal Voucher button. The Journal Voucher generates.
    Figure 5: Selecting the QuickBooks Default Template

    Figure 6: Generated QuickBooks Online JV page
  3. Click Post to QuickBooks Online if you want to send JV to QuickBooks Online. The posted JV appears in the QuickBooks Online. You can also click Download to download JV as PDF.
    Figure 7: PDF format of the QuickBooks Online JV

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